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Everything's Coming Up Kenneth

Jack: Her name is the Barefoot Contessa, Lemon, and you will never be like her, starting with the "barefoot" part.
Lemon: I'll have you know I wore sandals this summer... over socks.

Grown-Up Love
Lemon: Thanks! Carol had a complete meltdown about the state of our relationship. I can't believe I tried to clean my bathtub for this!
Jack: No, this is healthy, Lemon. Where is Carol now?
Lemon: I finally got him to sleep. I had to spoon him for, like, and hour, and I was the outer spoon!
Jack: Welcome to adulthood.

Parting Is the Sweetest Satchel
Tracy: I love you, Kenwood! Why don't you come back home to TGS and pick the peas out of my fried rice? And the rice. I just want carrots.
Kenneth: I can't do that, sir.
Tracy: But don't you miss rubbing my foot back into the shape of a foot?
Kenneth: Of course I do. But I'm real happy here at CBS. They gave me a tote bag. With The Mentalist on it!
Tracy: I guess this is goodbye. Obviously I'm gonna need the tote bag.

Lemon: One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
Jack: I never thought you'd make it this far, Lemon.
Lemon: I know. Season five... we were supposed to be cancelled...
Jack: Not just the show. You're an adult, dude situation and wearing a blazer from Rico's husky boys collection.
Lemon: Is that what "ragazzi robusti" means?

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