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30 Rock. Lemon enters Jack's office to get his signature for all the expenses incurred by flying out the TGS staffers' moms for a very special Mother's Day episode. Apparently it's a reparatory measure after NBC re-aired the offensive pilot for Bitch Hunter. Cue more Will Ferrell goodness ("Put the mimosas down, bitch!"). All of this serves to remind Jack that Mother's Day is actually happening, and soon. He freaks out and screams out at Jonathan to get the florist on the phone. But it's too late. Colleen's in his outer office, and she is ready to rub this latest shortcoming in his face pronto. Credits.

Downstairs, Lemon's mom runs across Frank and his mom (the cell phone user-shaming Patti LuPone!), who's bitching that his picture's not on the wall. Frank explains that only the actors' pictures get displayed, but she hands Lemon a picture anyway -- "Here's little Frankie in the bath tub... getting ready for the senior prom." Next up, Lemon finds her own mother (Anita Gillette) putting down some money at the crafts service table. Lemon tells her the food's free, but Mrs. Lemon insists no meal is ever free and to "remember that next time someone buys you an expensive meal." Lemon grumbles that such an event is a rarity. They walk down the corridor when in trucks Verna (Jan Hooks), who foregoes the usual pleasantries in favor of a sexual assault confession (and Scottie Pippen no less!). That's our Verna!

Meanwhile, Pete pops into Tracy's dressing room to inform him his mom, much like Tracy himself most of the time, is MIA. Would you believe that the show couldn't find her based on Tracy's detailed information ("Her name might be Cheryl, and she was wearing a red shirt in 1984.") Pete offers to hire an actress to play her. Tracy's game as long as he can "see a list of names -- like when they was looking for John McCain's running mate." He laughs and says he's kidding. Then gets stern, saying that unlike the Palin selection, "This needs to be taken seriously!"

Upstairs, Colleen quickly dispenses of the Mother's Day crap and tells Jack she's here on business. She heard through the grapevine (some ladies at Our Lady of Reluctant integration in Waltham) that Nancy Donovan got divorced and has been gallivanting with a fellow "who pours scotch like a girl." Jack basically tells her to mind her own business and pawns her off on Kenneth, who launches into frenetic clogging-singing routine when she cheekily commands him to entertain her.

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