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Upstairs, Jack finds a seething Avery in his office. She gets straight to the point and asks if he's with another woman. Jack says they both know how the other feels, so why don't they just skip the denying and the screaming and go straight to make-up sex. She concedes they never had a conversation about exclusivity, even though she understood it to be implied. Jack is all too ready to accept her "apology," but she's not buying it. She tells him to figure things out (i.e. choose her) before they can move forward.

Buzz Aldrin's Crash Pad. Lemon arrives and mentions her mother. Buzz remembers her instantly. Lemon wonders what her mom missed out on by not marrying Buzz. After a little screaming at the moon to go back where it came from until night time, Buzz tells her Mrs. Lemon didn't miss out on much -- just years of drinking, depression, and cheating, plus one particularly unsavory incident involving a gun in his jean shorts at the Aerospace Museum. Buzz admits that he would have only put Lemon's mother through Hell if she'd stuck by him. At this, Lemon realizes once and for all that Mike Dexter is but an unreachable figment of her imagination. To make up for disappointing her, Buzz offers to yell at the moon with her. One highlight: "I walked on your face!"

Back at 30 Rock, Verna -- in the Jenna-sanctioned blazer/jeans combo -- finds Jenna in makeup to say that she's willing to sacrifice the national exposure for rompers. In turn, Jenna takes off her styling cape to reveal that she's wearing the romper. Verna wonders who's paying Jenna to wear the ugly thing. Jenna says she's wearing the romper for the same reason her mom put on the stylish duds -- because she loves her. They embrace as Verna says she loves Jenna, too. Unfortunately, the embrace is made slightly uncomfortable when Jenna gets an up-close and personal experience of Verna's unfinished augmentation. Verna fibs that her chest feels weird because she loves Jenna so much. Mmmmhmmmm...

Mrs. Lemon's '50s music starts playing again as the camera pans over to show Tracy looking sadly at Jenna and Verna from out in the hall. Novella emerges from a dressing room behind him. He turns around and says, "You look beautiful... mom." She thanks him as her son. He jokes that he's ready for his sex talk, and they hug, too.

Lemon walks past this scene on the way to find her mom snapping a picture of the TGS sign. Lemon tells her mom she was right to settle. Mrs. Lemon thanks her for the acknowledgment, then pleads with her to settle down and have her own family "before [her] hereditary dementia sets in."

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