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Down the corridor, Jack tracks down Colleen to chew her out for tattling on him to Avery. Colleen tells him that he can do many things well, but love isn't one of them. He snaps that he wonders where that came from, so she pulls the ultimate trump card. She says she won't be around for long, and that he'll fritter away his days with Avery and Nancy until they're gone, too. "And where will I be?" she asks. "I'll be circling the globe in my coffin rocket!" Colleen tells Jack she's done disapproving and just wants to make sure someone will look out for him. He asks for her advice for the first time in his life, and for the first time in her life, she can't give it to him. Kenneth interrupts the dramatic moment to let Jack know he's still keeping track of Colleen and that "Karl will not let you down." Then he realizes that "Karl" doesn't sound right and scampers off in a tizzy over what his actual name is. Point, Colleen.

Bonus! The TGS moms bless us with a special rendition of that old classic ditty "Don't Get to Bed with a Frown." Next up: A special Mother's Day edition of Bitch Hunter. And just as Will Ferrell doesn't even give us a kicker joke, I haven't bothered to transcribe any this week, guys. Sorry but mothers just aren't that funny apparently. Mothers-in-law, now that's a different story.

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