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TGS rehearsal. Lemon and Pete are irritated that Tracy is nearly three hours late. No one is angrier than Jenna, though, who wasn't even allowed dispensation to leave set for her anger management class. Cue set destruction. Lemon, Pete and Kenneth go over all the ways they tried to ensure Tracy would be on time to rehearsal, including printing up a fake call sheet, telling Grizz to lie to him about the time, and changing all of his clocks from AM to PM. Just as Lemon realizes they may have gone overboard, Tracy storms in demanding to know what time it is. Tracy quite succinctly jumps to his stock conclusion that the crew must be racist because they treat him like a child. A toddler in a tiara, specifically. Lemon tries to talk sense into him, repeating the sage words that "you teach people how to treat you." Tracy, for example, is teaching people to jam a flipper into his mouth. At this, Tracy pulls out the race card -- yes, an actual index card with the words "Race Card" on it. White people sufficiently stunned, he walks away.

Jack's office. Lemon heads in to let him know that Operation: Reset Tracy's Clock has failed. Jonathan interrupts to tell Jack that he has 4:30 dinner and next-morning brunch reservations with his mother Colleen. Lemon offers to take Colleen off Jack's hands so she can torture some restaurant hostesses, but it's no dice. Jack feels like he should be by his mother's side, because today is the 35th anniversary of the day his father walked out on them. Jacks runs down the list of his father's grievous sins and confesses that he deeply regrets not standing up to him. Lemon sympathizes.

Lemon heads downstairs for rehearsal. They've already started the second run-through. "Why the efficiency?" you ask? Tracy has sent a gibbon with a T-shirt that says "Tracy" to take his place. And the monkey is a real pro! Tracy trudges down the stairs, slow-clapping to show that they have just proven his point. Lemon again, futilely, tries to talk sense into him, saying that his antics cost the show money, but he is dogged about the fact that this is a race issue. He says he wants to be treated like everyone else. And so Lemon does. She takes away his insane Tracy perks one at a time and demands he arrive on set tomorrow, on time and with his lines learned. Everyone's all, "Ohhhhh shit!" Tracy says he can do it and that he will have the last laugh. Then they both laugh maniacally for about three hours while they back away from their race-off. Credits.

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