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Lemon's office. Dot-Com and Grizz enter to warn her that Tracy will most definitely retaliate against her ultimatum to be responsible. In any case, Lemon will pay the price for asserting her authority over such an unruly scamp.

The Carlyle. Jack arrives for his late-afternoon dinner date with Colleen. She explains that there's been a misunderstanding and that she has a previous engagement with a "friend." Enter the post-sex old man sans trousers, asking Colleen if he can borrow one of her ties. Colleen introduces Jack to Paul Brett, her landscape-painting, soda-making lovah from Florida. Paul invites Jack along for dinner, though Colleen seems none too pleased that her geriatric booty call just got scuttled.

Back at 30 Rock, Kenneth, Grizz, and Dot-Com are all set to leave when they realize that they've forgotten to find accommodations for Gibbon Tracy. They figure sending him down the elevator on a cart with a sign that reads "Take Me To Indonesia" ought to do it, but Jenna intercepts them before they can push the button and release GT back into the concrete jungle. Jenna sees a kindred spirit -- and a shot at unconditional love and attention -- in the tiny-brained monkey and decides to adopt it as her own.

The next morning, Jack appraises Lemon of Crisis: Colleen. He thinks Paul is trying to take advantage of her. Lemon tries to mitigate his fears, but Jack will not be swayed. He heads off to phone his private investigator. Cerie heads over to tell Lemon that Tracy is ready for rehearsal, slipping in a nice barb: "You know, this food area is always the first place I go to look for you!"

Inside the studio, Tracy is primed and ready to go in his best Bill Cosby sweater and "serious actor" spectacles. He knows his blocking, foregoes the script and even practices a kicky jazz number. All in a day's work, I guess. Lemon is elated that Tracy is being cooperative and steps over to him to thank him privately. He turns the conversation into a public announcement thanking Lemon for showing him the merits of equality. Oh dear, this is going to turn ugly real quick. He tells her that he has realized the error of his ways that no one should be treated differently than anyone else, not even "Black comedy superstars" or women, to name a few. That's when he announces that he's parched and asks Lemon to get him a glass of water. Naturally, she has to change out the heavy, unwieldy water cooler. And since everyone is being treated equally now, she can't ask a man for help. Lemon = covered in water. Tracy = quenched (and partially avenged).

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