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Jenna busts onto the Night Court set telling tales of her 3-episode arc during the show as public defender Sparky Monroe the Werewolf lawyer -- man this show loves werewolves. [Who doesn't? - Z] Harry accuses Jenna of jumping the shark with her character. "You're the reason we didn't have a 10th season." Jenna is surprised that Kenneth didn't know she was a character on his favorite show. "I knew," he tells her demurely. Jenna makes a grand exit and a proclamation that "you haven't seen the last of Sparky Monroe."

Jack finds Lemon. He needs help. He's wearing one of Claire's Mystery hats. Lemon tells him to step up and end the relationship. They walk into Lemon's office and find Claire with her bare feet resting on the desk. "I'd like to suck that ring right off your toe," says Jack. Claire tells Lemon she knows the score -- that last night was all about keeping her away from Jack. She accuses Lemon of being her stalker and lists examples like Liz dating that clown guy after her. (Lemon: "I dated him before you, and he was the clowning Instructor.") Lemon tries to wipe her hands of the whole matter, but Claire puts her arms around the two of them and proposes a 3-way. "No," yells Jack, although he seems unsure for a second there. Lemon holds a perplexed look. Claire drags Jack away... for good?

Jenna complains to Lemon about not being included in the Night Court reunion, and Lemon has no idea what she's talking about. She walks over to the set, where Harry, Mac and Christine are filming a scene. Lemon tells Tracy "you are breaking union rules, our insurance doesn't cover any of this, and you are potentially infringing on Warner Bros. intellectual property. Shut this down." "I want a different answer," barks Tracy and I realize why his face and demeanor in those glasses have been so familiar to me all episode. He's doing a subtle Whoopi Goldberg. Honey child, I swear he is. Review the tape. Lemon commands them to shut down production, but Kenneth has something to say. He ignores Lemon and thanks everyone involved for caring too much. "If there is a law against friendship, then lock me up, but if there isn't then the show must go onward." Tracy yells out in victory, congratulating Kenneth for changing Lemon's mind, even though it didn't change her mind. She still thinks the whole thing is crazy but is powerless to stop the tide of emotion as everyone shares a warm group hug. "Stop group hugging. Who does that?" yells Lemon and she bangs on the gavel. It's a call back to the end of last week's episode when Tracy and Jenna share a group hug and Jack tells them to stop.

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