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Kenneth is preparing to eat his sandwich, as Jenna's lurking in a doorway watching. He takes a bite and starts gasping, "Strawberries!" As he falls, he says, "My real name is Dick Whitman." I love that this show doesn't want to be so obvious as to have that shout-out in the episodes that Jon Hamm was actually in, but waits for it. Kenneth collapses and Jenna hollers for someone to call the cute guy at 911.

Jack asks Liz if Salma said anything at all to her about a secret... desire to keep her maiden name. Liz says no. Jack would like her to be Elisa Donaghy, but if she wants to be "Elisa Padrera Donaghy," that's okay, too. The Latina maid hears the name and says Salma's La Viuda Negra. Liz blurts that Salma has a terrible secret. Liz thinks she's the mother of Michael Jackson's kids. Now that would be a terrible secret.

After a commercial break, Liz and Jack are searching for information online, but all the sites are in Spanish. Jack would like to call the cleaning lady back. He says they need somebody who speaks Spanish. Salma's come in, and she says she does. Jack: "La Viuda Negra!" Liz: "Puerto Rican!" Salma says, "Really, Lemon?" Then she tells Jack she'll explain. Jack assures her there's nothing she can say to change the way he feels. She removes her jacket to reveal a "What the Frak?!" shirt and says she's sorry to tell him such a dark tale while wearing such a silly shirt. [Putting her and her two biggest assets into that T-shirt instantly qualified this show for nerd newsworthiness. Well played, Show. - Z] She says she was married once, and she killed her husband. She says it was a crime of passion, since he cheated. She took her revenge. She says she's Catholic, so she takes the bond of marriage very seriously. He asks why she's not in jail. She says the case was thrown out, since she couldn't get an impartial jury after the song about her came out. We see a Mariachi band saying "La Viuda Negra." She's glad he knows and understands if this changes everything. She leaves. Jack turns to Liz and says, "My God. I already put my wedding announcement in Cigar Aficionado.

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