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99 Problems, But a Book Ain't One

Writers' room. Lemon confirms the lunch with her agent with Cerie. She asks, "Do I look okay?" Responds Cerie, "That's exactly how you look!" Lemon heads to her meeting, where let's just her agent is really up to par. He looks about 12 years old and is transitioning from being an animal agent. He has no connections in the biz, frequently develops nervous hiccups, and will very likely be utterly useless. On the upside, he does describe himself as "hungry," so at least he and Lemon have that in common.

Back at 30 Rock, Jenna and Tracy find Danny in his dressing room to give him a little friendly guidance about the life of talent on TGS. Danny says his main priority is finding the bathroom and suppressing his Canadian accent (that tricky "aboat" gets him every time!). They tell him not to worry about that and to use Kenneth for all his needs -- to treat him like a slave, essentially. Danny disagrees that Kenneth appreciates being at their beck and call, and in fact he may be growing to resent them. He knows, because he used to be an assistant. Danny then points out that he was a performing robot just the other day, and now he's poised to be a famous actor. He says Kenneth could very well be running the network one day. Jenna snickers at the prospect, and Tracy looks concerned. Says Danny, "Crazier things have happened." (Most of them at Tracy's after-after-after parties.)

Lemon returns from her lunch meeting, and Cerie hands her the press clippings for Dealbreakers. Lemon gets an angry look on her face and storms over to find Jack on-set. It seems he's going ahead with the Dealbreakers talk show (which originated in a TGS sketch) -- with or without her. He tries to intimidate her into submitting to his terms, but she tells him two can play at that game. And, of course, he says it at the same time, proving that he is always one step ahead of her. She grrrrrrs and storms off set.

Tracy's dressing room. Tracy asks Kenneth what his hopes and dreams are. Kenneth says he hopes to one day be in charge of the network -- or whatever people are watching when the time comes. Kenneth snaps on his dental hygienist gloves and asks if Tracy's ready for his cleaning. Tracy snatches the toothbrush and says he can brush his own teeth. He tells Kenneth he doesn't want him to do anything more for him.

Down the hall, Danny is still completely lost as to what he's doing there. Jack tells him not to do business with friends or trust women. Also? "Lose the leather bracelet." Jack leaves Danny to gnaw at his own wrist and heads into the studio to seek Pete's help. Naturally, Pete's kid just got "hit by a car." Jack then heads over to Tracy and Jenna, wearing "The Problem" and "Solvers" shirts, respectively. Of course, they're not standing in the right spots, so they just look like idiots. But that's nothing new. Jack tells him about his Lemon problem, getting Jenna all sorts of aroused as he talks about how "Business Jack doesn't play gentle," then asks her to pass on the message to Lemon that he's leaving things open for her. After he leaves, Jenna notices that she and Tracy are wearing the wrong shirts to communicate their message. She asks if he wants to switch places or switch shirts. He says they should do both, just to be safe.

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