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Wing Chun: Congratulations, first of all, on the Emmy nominations!

Scott Adsit: Thank you! Yeah, it's amazing.

WC: Do you get to go?

SA: Yeah, I'm going on Friday.

WC: Have you ever been to the Emmys before?

SA: Nooooo, I haven't.

WC: Are you excited?

SA: Yeah, I'm ecstatic! I mean, I hear it's a terribly boring evening.

WC: Yeah, that's what everyone says.

SA: You've not been?

WC: Nooooo, no. I've been to the National Magazine Awards; that's the most glamorous awards ceremony I've ever been to.

SA: How are those?

WC: Um, pretty boring, yeah. Also, it was Canada, so they were ten times as boring.

SA: [laughs] Wow! Well, maybe I'll count myself lucky, then.

WC: Everyone from the show gets to go?

SA: I think so. I mean, I haven't talked to everybody about going. At least I know everyone in the opening credits is going, but I would imagine everyone else is, too -- all the regulars.

WC: Did you get a new outfit?

SA: I'm trying to! I think I'm just uncool enough not to get a designer to give me a suit.

WC: [laughing] Right.

SA: Hopefully, I fall just below the mark, but no -- nobody's interested in me showing off how good a paunchy guy can look in his suit. But I'm gonna try to get one on Saturday. I'm going to try to just run over to...I don't know. Nordstrom or something and get a black suit.

WC: Oh, geez, you're going to get there without an outfit?

SA: Yeah.

WC: Oh my.

SA: I was just talking to some writers on the show, and they're planning to get their dresses, and they're trying to decide where they're going to be getting ready for it and everything, and I'm just saying I'm going to be changing in the limo.

WC: [laughs] I guess you don't have to get waxed and everything beforehand.

SA: No. Just changing my shoes. And I am lasered.

WC: That's good planning. And fortunately, Studio 60 got shut out of all the broadcast awards, so no one's going to be waiting for there to be a rumble.

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