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SA: There's a lot of writers, and everybody trusts them implicitly. And certainly everything filters through Tina [Fey], and she's just as smart as a whip. You get it, and you may adjust it. Occasionally, on set, things change, and occasionally Alec [Baldwin] finds a better way for something to happen and go down and he will ask for a change. But generally, we're handed really beautiful things to do, so we kind of go with it. It's just changing lines a little bit here and there, or improvising past where the scene would end. That kind of stuff goes on.

WC: In Season 1, fans of your character, Pete, were distressed that Pete's hit a rough patch with his never-seen wife. What can you tell us about what's on deck for Pete in Season 2?

SA: We just had a script today; we did a table read today of a script that involves Pete and his romantic life. I can't say too much!

WC: That's exciting, though!

SA: Pete will not be alone very long.

WC: Okay...

SA: But he is still living with Liz.

WC: That's good. Lots of comedic potential there. Like the same-outfits gag. That was a good one.

SA: [laughs] Thank you.

WC: When you were developing Pete, the character, obviously the writers did a lot of the work there, but when you were developing your take on Pete, were there other TV characters that you had in mind, or other influences from your real life?

SA: Pete is based on Mike Shoemaker, at his base, and then he's written to be a little more pathetic than the real Mike. He's a producer on SNL, has been for years and years and years. I'm filling the spot that he would fill if this were real life. As far as his home life goes, I don't know how similar we are, but I hope not too.

WC: He doesn't do an Elmo impression that you're aware of?

SA: Ha! He's a father, so he must. But I don't know if he's afraid of his children. I don't think he is.

WC: Do you do any other impressions that we should be aware of? Other than the Elmo that's already been unveiled.

SA: Just me. Just me in my crying, weepy moments.

WC: How is it working with the guest stars? Elaine Stritch just won the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series for her role on the show, and Jerry Seinfeld's going to be in the Season 2 premiere. How do they blend with the cast?

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