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SA: Well, generally, everybody we've brought in have been pros longer than we have. It's great to see them come in and kind of stoop to our level. I feel like we get to play with royalty. It's daunting. But they're always really nice -- and they like the show, so that helps. To tell you the truth, I personally haven't had many scenes with guest stars, because generally, I'm with Liz. But socializing with them is great. They're really pleasant, happy people. Rich, happy people.

WC: Do you get recognized in public from the show?

SA: Yeah -- it's weird, I get recognized about half the time for the show, and half the time for other stuff. A lot from Second City, for some reason. We had 300-whatever people a night, so that adds up after a few years. I get stopped in other countries about Second City. It's very strange.

WC: That's a nice compliment.

SA: And now, I have another show, on Adult Swim, and my voice is getting recognized now. Very, very lonely, geeky boys, or men with backpacks, come up to me and tell me how much they like Moral Orel. Moral Orel won an Emmy, too, this year.

WC: Congratulations! What category?

SA: It was for animation, for an episode I wrote and directed.

WC: It's quite a year for you!

SA: I know!

WC: I would think that you'd get recognized because you've been in such a wide range of different kinds of shows -- Felicity to Still Standing.

SA: I get stopped a lot for The Italian Job, because I did one scene in that, but apparently it sticks with people, for some reason.

WC: When I saw you in the 30 Rock premiere, the association I had was for the episode of Friends that you did, with Joey and the Silly Putty.

SA: Oh, really! Yeah! I only had the one line there, but I think that was voted the #6 best moment on Friends ever by TV Guide.

WC: It was a good one. Yeah -- that and Tenacious D, I remembered you from.

SA: Yeah. That was fun.

WC: Even if that's all you ever did, those would be two very high points. Do you ever get to shoot here at 30 Rock? I know they do externals here, but I guess your character's mostly in the studio.

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