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"Hanging Out With Tina"

SA: We did some of the pilot in the lobby there. But yeah, just externals. I've been there a few times, and we do go there for meetings and stuff.

WC: Do people who work here talk to you about what they think of the show -- how it's depicting the environment?

SA: [laughs] No! I wish I could tell you yes. That doesn't happen.

WC: The only story I have is from when NBC was working on buying the site, when we were here in November having meetings, one of the people who was working on the deal told us that she doesn't even know what anyone else gets out of 30 Rock, because she finds it so insider-y. She was telling us that Six Sigma was a real thing, and we had no idea.

SA: I didn't know that.

WC: Apparently it is an actual GE professional development tool. So these real references get dropped in, and people who work here are like, "That's awesome!" And it just goes over everyone else's head.

SA: [laughs] Yeah, but I think the audience gets it. It's not a showbiz comedy so much as just an office comedy.

WC: Right, of course. And even if you didn't know specifically what Six Sigma is, even just the name is funny, because it sounds very official and black ops-y.

SA: And we're being introduced to it, you know. You watch House without knowing anything about microbiology.

WC: Well, speak for yourself.

SA: [laughs]

WC: What would you say is your favourite thing about working on 30 Rock?

SA: Hanging out with Tina.

WC: Did you know her well before the show? Were you together at Second City?

SA: Yeah, for years. It kind of became a cliché that the two of us would end up in two-person scenes a lot, so we were kind of partners. And it's nice to be in a job where I get to pretend to be her partner, and pretend to be her friend.

WC: [laughs]

SA: It's very comforting to know that I'm friends with the boss, because I have a little bit of good job security.

WC: That's another question that I wondered, too -- do you follow the news? Do you pay attention to ratings and time slots and stuff, or do you get insulated from that?

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