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Lemon and Jenna are walking through the plaza at 30 Rock when a construction worker begins cat-calling them, complete with jackhammer roaring in place of the bleeps of a live televised broadcast (two weeks, people). Lemon takes offense on Jenna's behalf, supplying her own foul-mouthed rebuttal with lots of jackhammer bleeps. Let's just say it ends with "...-infected penis!" The cat-caller in question tells Lemon he was actually hitting on her. Jenna explains that being in a relationship has made Lemon more attractive and put off less of a negative energy. "When it rains, it pours," she explains. They head inside the building, but on the way Radio Man throws in a bonus come-on: "Hey! I want your feet in my mouth!" The girls smile and cheerfully repeat, "When it rains, it pours!" Credits.

Upstairs, Lemon walks into Jack's office to greet "JAvery," who are pleased to tell her they're having a baby boy. Avery looks forward to being the benchmark for all the poor girls to come into her son-to-be's life, but Lemon thinks the real score is that the kid will have an old dad and can get away with anything. Jack pooh-poohs this option, saying, "Fifty is the new 40 -- for men. Fifty is still 60 for women." Lemon brushes off the slight, saying, "Whatevs, Tony Randall." Jack points out that this comparison makes her the Jack Klugman of the relationship, which she actually gets pretty excited about. Guess this positive vibe theory Jenna has going is pretty solid.

Lemon heads downstairs and is surprised how smoothly things are going without Kenneth to contain the chaos of TGS. Jenna agrees, noting that someone slipped her a note reminding her she had an appointment for tattoo removal, since she actually got inked with the letters for "White Hooker" instead of "Peace." As Lemon and Jenna marvel at how the new kids are holding their own, we see in the near distance a suspicious red blazer (covered by a black cape and a black wig) flitting by in the background.

Lemon heads down the hall, where yet another man gives her the up-and-down along the way. She runs into Dot Com, who explains that Tracy will not be rehearsing today. Tracy peeks out of his dressing room door to explain that he's "werewolfing" himself, like when a man of the lupine persuasion sees a full moon and knows he's about to transform, so he locks himself away. Only instead of becoming a man-wolf (at his Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, natch), Tracy is sequestering himself so he doesn't miss the birth of his daughter like he did for his sons: which was for "very legitimate reasons." (Dot Com: "Cooking a French bread pizza and 'forgot'"). Lemon compliments Tracy on his newfound sense of responsibility, and Tracy in turn says there's something alluringly different about Lemon -- something that makes him want to put his feet in her mouth.

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