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The doubling-up is a particular bone of contention as Lutz asks Frank to be his bed buddy but is harshly rebuffed. Frank doesn't really take to the notion of rooming with Toofer either, but, let's be honest, isn't anything better than Lutz? Pete assumes that Grizz and Dot Com will room together, even though Tracy gets his own room, which unearths an ages-old subject of contention -- Grizz didn't read Dot Com's screenplay. Turns out he did, just didn't like it. Meanwhile, Jenna too is rejected when she asks Cerie to be her roomie. She stirs up trouble when she tries to turn Cerie against current roomie-to-be Sue. Don't mess with a vaguely Germanic comedy writer, Jenna. It will never turn out well for you.

Over in Lemon's office, Tracy expresses his own misgivings about going on the road. He has a long history of getting in trouble when faced with the angry drunks and new temptations of the road. When Lemon tells Tracy the location was Jack's idea, he instinctively goes off on Jack's Irish heritage, then quickly realizes Boston is not going to be auspicious for him. Commercials.

When we return, the gang is in Boston, and Kenneth is receiving the worst three-man noogie of his life. Those Bruins Beat writers are real hooligans. Kenneth escapes. Jonathan arrives, only to be pummeled by the three Seans. Lemon heads upstairs, where Jack has ease his transition to the new building by using an office replication service. Only seven items are different. They stand tabloid picture-still to let us determine them. I couldn't be bothered. Lemon is stressed that the show isn't going to come off this week. Jack tells her to rally the troops around a common enemy. She counters that this enemy is usually her, and she's sick of it. Jack tells her to redirect their anger. Perhaps to Lutz? Nobody likes that loser.

Nancy interrupts for an awkward do-we-kiss-or-shake-hands. One thing is certain, Lemon is not part of it. She's pleasantly surprised that Jack is in town and tells him to give her a tour of the building. Lemon tries to tag along, but Jack waves her off. Jack and Nancy head off. Lemon, at a loss for something to do, sits down and mopes until the head writer for Bruins Beat reveals he is a kindred spirit: "Tryin' to have it all -- it's wicked hahd!"

Downstairs, Nancy and Jack sit in the news anchors' chairs and play at being TV personalities. Jack's joke about making a cat's birthday "purr-fect" doesn't go over so well. Nancy bursts into tears. She says Mark left her for a job in New Orleans repairing the shoddy worksmanship of Brad Pitt and Sharon Stone, and she's taking it as a clear sign that he wants her to be the one to ask for divorce. She says their marriage is in shambles -- they've opened separate bank accounts and have had their house on the market for a year. She says they haven't talked about it, because that's not what uptight Irish Catholics do. She says she has to leave to get their home ready for an open house the next day. Jack offers to help in any way he can.

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