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Elsewhere, the gang is breaking for lunch. Lemon gives them an extra half hour and asks if anyone would like to join her for a tour of the Freedom Trail. Tracy supposes there's no way he can get in trouble there, so he says he'll go. Except when he gets on the tour, he takes issue with the fact that John Hancock [Played by comedian Kevin Meaney! - Zach] was a slave owner. Cue insane accusatory fireworks -- aimed at a re-enactor, no less -- that only Tracy could make happen.

Meanwhile, Jack does a fairly unimpressive job fixing Nancy's electric doorbell. Nancy says she'll just shove it off on the new owners. Jack encourages her that someone will surely buy it in the next year or so. She says she can't wait that long, because she's waiting on the cash from the sale to start her new life (in which she sells cosmetics to redheads?). This gives Jack an idea...

Back at WBHD, the staffers are once again gnashing their teeth at Lutz for his stanky lunch choices (this particular gas station makes really good hot dogs, he assures them). Lemon tries to be a motivator, saying they're all in this together, but it just redirects their anger toward her. They start hating on her for everything from long hours (Frank) to Danny's refusal to hit on Jenna (Jenna) to Toofer being "the one black guy in New York who sucks" (Frank) to winter itself (Kenneth). Lemon objects to that last indictment. They have to blame someone, Frank says. So Lemon latches onto Jack's advice from earlier and finds someone to blame. And that someone is Dale Snitterman. She claims he's some middling executive that has made all the decisions that have negative affected the gang. These include cancelling Taco Night in the commissary, approving a cast photo where Jenna looked bad, and denying Kenneth his Pagely rights to wear shorts in the summer. Dale Snitterman is the enemy, says Lemon. Lemon brings out the crocodile tears and says that all they can do is put on the best damn show possible and not turn on each other... or her. The cast and crew get behind Lemon for maybe the first time ever. And I'm betting you she totally made that shit up.

Later, Lemon heads to Jack's replicated office to brag about her coup de Snitterman. As predicted, she made up Snitterman to get the cast off her back. She's as impressed with her name-making-up skills as Jack is with his. You see, he's hatched a plan to send Kenneth and Cerie over to Nancy's under assumed names (Silas and Mary Mt. Peppercorn) and have them put in an offer with his money. Jack turns his attention back to The Snitterman Identity. He smugly says he wishes he could in that marvelous brain of Lemon's to see where she comes up with her ideas. Then he opens the door saying, "Oh wait, I can." Just across the corridor from Jack's office is a placard reading Dale Snitterman. Blergh.

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