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Back on the Freedom Trail, Tracy (in an "IMPEACH GEORGE W. ASHINGTON" T-shirt) is back to terrorize that "slave-owning time traveler" John Hancock. The re-enactor tells Tracy that John Hancock was a patriot. Tracy walks right into it, saying that patriots are overrated. He says this as a group of football jersey-wearing meatheads walk by. Patriot needles them some more by saying (the P)atriots suck. They pummel him. Just another day in a foreign city for Tracy!

Nancy's open house. Kenneth has gotten into character by parting his hair on a different side. He starts his spiel about how he and his wife are in the market for a home. Except he bungles the name, calling himself Silas Marymount Peppercorn. He is forced to make up a fake name for Cerie on the spot. He goes with Moronica. Then she says, in an American accent, that she's British. Kenneth continues on in his script, unnecessarily explaining the disparate level of attractiveness between himself and "Moronica." When Nancy starts the tour and mentions the partially finished basement, "Silas" jumps to make an offer. Yeah... cover effectively blown. Nancy looks on incredulously.

Back at the station, Frank runs into the writers' room to tell the gang that he's found Dale Snitterman's office. He agitates for them to go to Snitterman's office and show him who's boss. Left with no one to blame but herself, Lemon joins the angry mob. Instead of torches, they bring with them Lutz and his dread-inducing Truffle Shuffle. Seriously, he gets all up in that guy's face. Piling it on, Lemon screams that the staff has to work late tonight because of this poor, unsuspecting, innocent Snitterman.

That night, Nancy's at the studio with Jack. He pulls out a bottle of champagne in case someone's made an offer on the house. She says no one did, though a couple with a weird last name did come by. She says she's thinking about taking the house off the market for another year. Jack can't believe it and pushes for her to have one more open house so she can achieve her dream. The two of them go back and forth until Nancy spills that the money thing was just a ruse. In fact, she's scared of starting a new life at her age and being judged for getting a divorce. Jack finally admits out loud his feelings for her and insists they talk about things. She negotiates him down to four words each. His: "I'll wait... not forever." Hers: "I'll try... wicked hahd." They lock in an embrace.

Bonus: As Tracy drops some postcards in the mail, John Hancock smugly bring his "dear friend Crispus Attucks" to prove to Tracy that he did in fact have a black friend. Tracy skeptically asks when they met. Hancock stumbles, settling on a Sons of Liberty meeting in 1775. To the contrary, says Tracy, Crispus Attucks died in 1770. In yo' face, Hancock!

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