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First Cup New York studio. The hostess is introducing Henry, saying he saved Commissioner Pike's life (and, amusingly, she says Henry "stopped a gunman from hurting any more innocent people." I guess they've decided that Annie wasn't innocent) at the mayor's house. She asks him to tell them what he was thinking. "Nothing," Henry says. Not the sharpest tack, our Henry. He continues that he isn't a hero and that he did what anyone else would've done. And then the interviewer goes on to point out Henry's lack of wedding ring and call him "aside from Derek Jeter... the most eligible bachelor in New York." When they stop filming, Henry mentions Jane, and the hostess replies, "It makes for a better story if you're single." The show's insistence that Jane lock her shit down is getting kind of tiresome, actually.

Jane congratulates Henry on not wetting his pants and bursting into tears on camera, then comments on the most-eligible-bachelor nonsense, and Henry apologizes for not loudly proclaiming his takenitude on the air. He says, "That's the last interview I'm doing." Jackie from Veronica Mars shows up and says, "And that would be the second stupid thing you've said today." Henry points out that for him that's an excellent batting average, and Jackie introduces herself as Laurel, a media consultant. I like this character better when she's on Thursdays and being played by Kerry Washington.

Henry introduces Jane and asks what the other stupid thing he said was. Laurel says it was when he denied being a hero, that if he wants to be a politician, he shouldn't say anything that can be used in an attack ad. Henry denies he has any political ambitions, and Laurel's all, I thought you worked for the mayor. All those people are power-mad gremlins. Henry says he hasn't given serious thought to it. Laurel says he should think about how she can help him and gives him her card.

Brian and Louise's. Brian walks in the door saying he went to four different stores (and I've been watching so much Weather Channel the past two days that I think he's going to end the sentence with "But all of them were out of batteries and vodka") but he finally found a Halloween costume. Louise is shirtless and reclining on the couch with a gentleman caller, and is quite surprised to see Brian. He's also surprised; if he'd known about the free cheating pass, he'd be glued to Alexis right about now. Louise introduces Scott (played by adorable Enrique Murciano from Without a Trace -- between him here and Eric Close on Nashville, I'm going to cry if Anthony LaPaglia doesn't show up on Revolution soon), who she says is a doctor who lives in 4G.

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