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That's Enough, Granddad!

Alexis asks about the sexy doctor Louise was telling her about, and Brian gets in a snit about how everyone is exaggerating Scott's hotness. Ahem. No, they are not, sir. Alexis asks if he's jealous, and he denies it. Alexis tells him to relax, that Louise is just a patient and "he's examined her a bunch of times." This is news to Brian, who thought Louise and Scott just met today. Alexis tries to cover, but Brian asks how many times Scott has examined Louise. Alexis says two or three, and says Louise probably didn't tell Brian because she didn't want him to worry. Yes. Of course.

Henry and Jane get off the elevator. She's Tippi Hedren from The Birds, complete with crows sewn to her shoulders, and he looks like Woody the Talking Cowboy. Although he might be Gary Cooper in High Noon. Peter gets on the elevator and stares at them creepily (although he's kind of incapable of doing things in a not-creepy way). He zeroes in on Jane's necklace and stares at it (and at her boobs) for like five minutes before saying sweatily, "I like your necklace." Jane thanks him awkwardly and they get off the elevator in the lobby. Peter stays behind, and after the door closes, he goes down to the basement.

In the basement, Peter pries the grate off an air vent and pulls out a family photograph hidden in there. "I have to finish this," he says. He unwraps his hatchet.

Penthouse. Gavin is telling Tony that a friend from the NYPD told him the texts were probably from a burner and are therefore untraceable. Tony says a man in Gavin's position probably has lots of enemies, and asks if he has an idea who it might be. Gavin says it's someone smart enough not to come at him head-on. Tony says security is screening all the party guests, and he, personally, is packing. Gavin is unimpressed and tells Tony not to shoot himself. Couldn't he just invite Bad Text Guy up to his place and shove him down the elevator shaft? Gavin asks Tony to turn around as Gavin pushes up a painting and opens his safe, telling Tony that he's trusting him with his most prized possession: Olivia. Inside the safe is an elaborately carved box. Gavin tells Tony to stay close to Olivia, because "she's the most valuable thing in the world to me." And there's nothing ladies like more than being treated like things and possessions!

At the party, Henry and Jane find Louise and Brian, who are dressed as Cleopatra and Marc Antony. As Louise hands Jane a drink, someone bumps her from behind and spills the drink all over her Tippi-wear. Jane says this gives her an excuse to change, which is weak. Tippi wore that dress for like four straight days while being attacked by every bird in California! (True story: I watched The Birds on Saturday. RIP Suzanne Pleshette.) Louise offers to accompany her upstairs. Jane declines, and says she'll be just two seconds. As she goes to the elevator, Peter separates himself from the crowd and follows her.

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666 Park Avenue




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