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A Crowd of Demons

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That's Enough, Granddad!

Laurel asks where Henry's fiancée is. He says she had to go change, and Laurel continues being a pushy nudnik when she asks if it isn't time for Henry to take the next step before he really is New York's most eligible bachelor. It's too bad there isn't a word for a dude spinster, because that's what everyone seems to be calling Henry. He says he and Jane are fine with how things are now, and Laurel says, "Spoken like every man who's ever lived with a woman and had no intention of proposing to her." Henry says he definitely wants to marry Jane, and Laurel's all, "She doesn't?" She advises that Henry seal the deal now, "before the concrete jungle drives you apart." She says New York changes people, and this is such contrived bullshit. Go away, Jackie. You were never good enough for Wallace.

Louise finds Scott in the crowd and comments on how well he and Alexis were getting along, then clutches her ribs in agony. She says she thinks she tweaked something. "Tweak" being the operative word there. Scott asks if she took anything, and she says just aspirin, that she needs something stronger. Scott says he'll take a look and escorts her to the elevator. Where Brian sees them as the doors close, with Alexis watching predatorily from behind him.

Olivia brings two ladies to see apartment 5F, which is where Peter Kramer murdered his wife with a hatchet. One guest is freaked out and runs downstairs to her husband. The other says she's not scared, and Olivia bets her a spa day she won't last five minutes in the apartment. She takes the bet because: spa day! Olivia opens the door and shuts her inside. When Olivia turns around, a man in a gas mask sprays something in her face that knocks her unconscious. Her mask hits the floor as he grabs her.

Down on the third floor, Jane is tapping away at her computer, searching for "Peter Kramer Drake." Nothing comes up in UselessGoogle. She hears a noise behind her and turns, calling out to Henry. She turns back to the computer and hears the creak again, then jumps up, armed with a pair of scissors. She walks toward the front door and there's no one there, of course. So she backs toward her computer, and that's when Peter jumps out. He starts choking her, and Jane gasps, "You're Peter Kramer. You're not real!"

Gas Mask, who grabbed Olivia, goes into the stairwell and cuts the power to the building. Scott and Louise are trapped in the elevator, and Gavin, at the party, starts getting worried. In her apartment, Jane smashes a lamp into Peter, breaking free of his grip, and runs for the front door. Out in the hall, she runs into another partygoer, who's dressed as a devil, and asks to borrow his phone. She calls 911, and then Peter comes out and kills the good Samaritan with his hatchet. Jane runs, screaming.

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666 Park Avenue




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