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A Crowd of Demons

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That's Enough, Granddad!

In the elevator, Louise is telling Scott how she used to be addicted to speed but she went to rehab, and was off pills 'til lately. She says Brian doesn't know and she doesn't want him to find out. Scott says it's not just her injury causing her relapse, and she asks if he thinks she's self-medicating to deal with her hectic life. He asks how her marriage is, and she says it's fine. Scott offers to be her someone to talk to, then leans in to kiss her. Louise rebuffs him, which will make the rest of the time they're stuck in that elevator super awks.

Jane is still fleeing, barefoot now, from Peter. Henry walks into their apartment with Laurel trailing behind him. He sees the broken lamp and his phone rings. It's Jane. She's on the fifth floor. He tells Laurel to call the police and runs out.

Jane's in an empty apartment (probably 5F?) and the doorknob is rattling. She backs away from the door and finds some sort of weapon, a wrench, maybe, or a screwdriver, on the floor, wrapped in a piece of bloody cloth. The door flies open and it's Peter. Jane tries to flee, but there's only so far she can go, even in a huge Park Avenue apartment. She pleads with Peter not to kill her, and he tells her not to be afraid. She asks why he's doing this, and he says he has to save her. Peter tells her in heaven she'll be truly happy, and as he advances with the hatchet, there's a scratching sound. Jane ducks out of the way as he chops the wall, and then the birds (THE BIIIIIIIRDS!!!!) come pouring out of the wall and swarm him.

Jane runs into the hall and directly into Henry's arms. She cries and he kisses her head and says that it will be all right.

At the party, the police tell the guests that Con Ed is working to get the power back on and everyone should go back to their apartments. Jane is telling a cop about the man in the devil costume who gave her his phone. He asks for a description of Peter, and she says she didn't see his face, because I don't think the NYPD respond well to "My great-grandfather who used to live here 80 years ago jumped out of a suitcase and tried to hatchet-murder me."

Alexis is trying to calm Brian down, telling him that she's sure Scott meant the text as a joke. Behind them, the elevator dings and Louise and Scott step out. Brian socks Scott in the face and storms off. Louise starts to go after him, but Alexis grabs her arm and tells her to let him go cool off.

Gavin, in the penthouse, tells the man on the phone that he has no idea what he's stolen, that he needs to return the box he took from Gavin's safe or else. The guy tells Gavin that will never happen, and Gavin says, "I'm coming for you."

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666 Park Avenue




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