666 Park Avenue
A Crowd of Demons

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That's Enough, Granddad!

The police are still mopping up the party. Tony looks pretty good for a guy who almost asphyxiated to death earlier. Jane and Henry are on a couch, still looking rough, and Louise is moping in a corner. Two cops get on the elevator. In 5F, a single starling sits on the end of the handle of the hatchet, which slowly sinks into the floor. Likewise, the guy in the devil costume also sinks into the floor just as the cops get off on the third floor. In the penthouse, Gavin watches Olivia sleep and turns the gas mask over in his hands. He puts it back in the safe. Henry and Jane lie in bed, him sleeping, her staring at the ceiling and clutching her necklace.

Next time: Someone has Gavin's box. A man tells Olivia that Gavin took something from him and he wants it back. Jane confides in a scruffy blond cop about Peter.

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666 Park Avenue




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