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Previously on 666 Park Avenue: Kandinsky tried to shoot Henry, and Laurel is a pushy publicist who wants to turn Henry into the next Subway Hero. Brian Leonard is jealous because his wife, Louise, keeps playing doctor with hot Dr. Scott, while Alexis seems to want to nail both Brian and Dr. Scott (can't blame her there). Jane's creepy ghost grandmother and her ghost great-grandfather both showed up and Great-Granddad killed someone, while a guy in a gas mask kidnapped Olivia and stole something from Gavin's safe. And if no one screams, "WHAT'S IN THE BAAAAAAAAAX????!!!" during this episode I might cry rageful tears of boredom.

Jane's in the shower. Someone opens the bathroom door and comes in, and through the shower curtain it looks like Peter with his hatchet -- but then Jane wakes up in her own bed, with Henry asking if she's all right. Dude, your ladyfriend is cray-zay. Henry murmurs that it will take Jane some time to get over her ordeal last week, and that two police detectives will be coming over later to talk about what happened. He reassures her that the police will catch "that psycho." Yeah, they're going to respond really well to her story about her great-grandfather popping out of a filthy old suitcase from the basement. Jane's roots and eyebrows don't believe her story either.

In Gavin's penthouse office, a man, Sam, is telling him that four of Gavin's other buildings had their security systems attacked on Halloween. Gavin observes that someone is sending him a message that he's vulnerable. He tells Sam (who is being played by Peter Friedman, whom you may recognize from every cop show ever but who I know as Ashley Judd's brother-in-law in my absolute favorite sick-day movie, the risible and wonderful Hugh Jackman starrer Someone Like You) not to say a word to Olivia about the robbery because being kept in the dark about things that affect her husband is every wife's ideal way to live. You know, if you're Dottie Sandusky or Ruth Madoff or some other willfully oblivious bitch. Gavin says he wants the perpetrator found, quickly.

Some filthy warehouse. A man walks into what looks like a storeroom that someone's been living in and begins unpacking surveillance equipment from his bag -- and also Gavin's box. It appears to have a Mayan calendar carved on it. Ooh, does that mean this show disappears on December 21? The man's phone rings and a voice on the other end asks if he has it. The man says he does, and the voice says Mr. Wallace can pick up his million dollars at Gramercy Park at noon. Wallace asks what's in the box, and the voice says it's not important. Wallace says that maybe the box is worth more to someone else, and the voice promises him three million but only on the condition that he doesn't open the box. Well, now that you've mentioned it.

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666 Park Avenue




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