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Victor Shaw sits down in Jane's chair across from Olivia and asks if she's enjoying her lunch. He tells her Gavin isn't who she thinks he is; he's a monster. Olivia's all, der. Shaw says he's giving Olivia the opportunity to distance herself from Gavin before Shaw tears him down. Olivia very coolly asks if Shaw thinks he's the first person to take a swing at Gavin. Shaw says Gavin took something from Shaw, and he now has the opportunity to take it back. Olivia says she doesn't concern herself with Gavin's business. Ah, that always turns out so well for the little lady. Shaw says Gavin is lying to her, and Olivia still doesn't buy it. Shaw tells her to get a blood test from a doctor Gavin doesn't own, and then to ask Gavin what's really going on.

Gavin and Sam meet in an apartment occupied only by Tony and a man with a bag on his head. Tony pulls the bag off and Gavin shows the man the photo of Olivia almost getting run down by the SUV last week. Bag-head guy, Mr. Trent, says he was just supposed to scare Olivia. Oddly, this doesn't placate Gavin. But he's more interested in who hired Trent than in cutting off all of Trent's fingers. Sam's all, I did not sign up for this Abu-Ghraib-on-the-Upper-East-Side bullshit. I did not like it when Blair Waldorf did it and I don't like it now. Gavin chases after Sam as he leaves and mocks his unwillingness to watch him rough someone up. He says Sam, of all people, should know how persuasive he can be. Sam asks what he's going to do, and Gavin replies, "The same thing I'm going to do to you." Seriously, how does this guy have any friends left?

Sam flees to the elevator -- always a bad idea in this building. It starts seizing and jerking and then the lights go out and Sam and the elevator plummet to... the same floor where he just got on? The hall in front of Sam is endless, and he starts bashing against the doors, yelling, and now he tries to take the stairs, but when he bashes open the door with a fire extinguisher, it's another endless hall in front of him. Gavin, back in the penthouse, can hear Sam hollering from his labyrinthine prison, and it seems to please him.

Jane's back on the fifth floor in the apartment where Peter tried to kill her and the birds came to her rescue. The wall he chopped is unblemished. She whirls to find Cooper there, and asks suspiciously if he's there to point out more ways she's koo-koo. He says he wants to know about a man in a photo, and he shows her the man in the devil costume that Peter killed. Cooper says his name is Leo, and his girlfriend just reported him missing. Cooper asks her to tell him everything, and Jane gives him the standard line about how he'll think she's crazy. Cooper very politely doesn't say that he already does, and merely notes that the NYPD is pretty well versed in dealing with crazy.

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666 Park Avenue




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