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La Lunatique

But Laurel is part of this show's unending conspiracy to either weld Jane and Henry together at the ring fingers or break them up, and Laurel is on Team Breakup, because she tells Henry to be honest: Does he really think Jane understands what it takes to succeed in New York? Maybe not, but if she doesn't, neither does Henry because he's just as much of an oblivious hayseed as she is. Laurel continues that Jane can't possibly understand Henry's drive to make a mark in city politics. Yeah, because that "drive" is something Gavin planted in his head like two weeks ago and also is something he's never once mentioned to Jane. The girl's crazy, but she isn't a mind reader.

Sam has decided to hang himself with his necktie. Just as he's about to step off the ottoman, Gavin pops up and says they should talk. Sam asks how Gavin knew it was him, and Gavin says that Trent never said Sam called him, but Gavin knew from the look in Sam's eye. Sam pulls his head out of his noose and says he can help get the box back. He says the man who has the box wanted Sam to set up a dinner between him and Gavin; Box Guy would bring the box and Gavin would bring ten million dollars. Gavin has the particular obstinate look of a sadistic child who really hates it when his brother touches his Tinker Toys. He picks up Sam's suit coat and hands it to him, saying that he just thought of a way Sam can be useful.

Scott is watching his ponies again. As the race is ending, Scott starts clutching his chest and then red slashes appear on his shirt. He runs to the bathroom and pulls off his shirt; a huge red splotch is spreading across his lovely chest.

Olivia stomps into Gavin's office and demands the truth. She says she got another blood test and wants to know what is up with the recreational chloroform. He tells her about the Halloween abduction and the safe cracking. She can't believe all this is because of bonds and jewelry. Gavin says it wasn't the safe in the closet. The way her eyes jerk to the wall, clearly Olivia knew about THE BAAAAAAAX. She asks if they're in danger. Gavin says he won't let anything happen to her. Like, say, her getting drugged and kidnapped in the building he owns. Gavin shows her a picture of the man responsible for the theft, and Olivia identifies him immediately as Shaw. She says he tried to turn her against Gavin by telling her about the blood test. She asks how he could have known that. Gavin says the same way he knew about the box: "Steinberg." Olivia can't believe Sam betrayed them.

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666 Park Avenue




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