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Gavin brings a lovely wrapped box into the lobby and meets Scott at Tony's desk. Scott asks to talk to him and Gavin asks if this is about Scott's wee gambling problem. Scott asks what the hell is going on, how he got a tattoo on his chest. Gavin says debt is a mark against the soul, and says maybe they can just forget about the money Scott owes him and work out "another form of repayment." Scott agrees, of course, to anything and Gavin says he'd be delighted to have a doctor on call. Oh, Scott, you pretty, stupid man. This is how you end up a mob doctor!

Jane and Henry's palace of lies. Henry's at the desk reading the Peter Kramer article. Don't these people ever watch TV? He points out that everything she told the cops is in the article. She asks if he thinks she made it all up. Henry asks if she's using it as an excuse to leave the Drake, and she snits something about how he has everything figured out and then flounces into the bedroom. I hope Henry and Jane appreciate how lucky they are, having a bedroom door to slam. So many New York couples have to have these arguments in studios.

Gavin is at dinner, with his wrapped box. Shaw arrives and they exchange pleasantries about how lovely Olivia is. Shaw is pleased that Gavin didn't try to negotiate on the price. Gavin says this isn't about money, and Shaw says it's about justice, about him taking everything away from Gavin. He wants to get back what Gavin stole from him, and Gavin's all, finders keepers. Shaw says that's why he locked up his leverage: the red box. Gavin asks what Shaw really wants. Shaw wants the Drake, or else he'll open the box. Gavin asks if he thinks he's sure he can release what's inside, and god, this is all so oblique and spooky music and falsely foreboding. Too bad I don't care if any of these characters wind up in the East River. In fact, I'd prefer it.

Gavin thinks Shaw is bluffing. Shaw asks what Olivia thinks. He monologues about how it's so romantic that Gavin rescued Olivia from an obsessive lover, but too bad he couldn't make him disappear like the other troublesome residents. "So you imprisoned him," Shaw says. So... some dude is in the box? Shaw asks if Gavin still thinks he's bluffing. Gavin says he's going to give Shaw a chance to walk away. Shaw observes that ten million is quite an expensive dinner, and Gavin replies that the box doesn't contain money: "It's what happens when I win."

Shaw lifts the lid, and inside is Sam's head. I hope the actor got to keep it as a souvenir.

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666 Park Avenue




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