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La Lunatique

Oh goody, Christmastime give-your-loved-ones-cars commercials. Nothing I like more than those ludicrous voids of good taste.

Henry's just standing in the living room, waiting for Jane to come out of the bedroom, rather than playing Xbox in his underwear like any normal dude whose girlfriend is mad at him. Jane tells Henry she loves him, but the Drake is harshing her mellow. Henry says he loves Jane more than twelve-foot ceilings and fireplaces in the rooms and those gorgeous wood floors, so if they have to move to Brooklyn or New Jersey, that's fine. Jane's like, no. Let's hit the road back to Pawnee, where no one ever throws anyone down elevator shafts and our landlord's wife doesn't call me a ragamuffin and my great-grandfather never tried to hatchet-murder me! Henry can't even bring himself to say the word "Indiana."

Jane says she wants to stay with Henry, but she can't stay here because she's going to go crazy or get hurt. She wants Henry to come with her, but she doesn't want to ruin his fancy New York life. Henry tells her to lay out everything that's going on in her head so he can understand why she thinks she's going to get hatchet-murdered or pecked to death by starlings or whatever, and Jane says she's tried to tell him the truth, that she sees and hears things. Henry's about ready to call an exorcist. She says Peter Kramer tried to kill her, even though he's a ghost, but that it was totally real.

Henry says maybe the building is just making her crazy. He says she should start talking to someone, and she says, "I'm talking to you!" He's like, no, I mean a professional who can put you on Klonopin. He brings up how her grandmother was institutionalized (did we know that?) and she asks if he thinks she's crazy. OF COURSE HE DOES. He says he's just worried about her, and that he's going out for a walk so he can think.

Cooper is in his car reading newspaper archive stories about all the people who've died at the Drake over the years, up to and including Annie's Kandinsky story.

Gavin visits Kandinsky in prison. He says Kandinsky comes highly recommended, and asks him to come work for him. Kandinsky says there's the small problem of him being on the other side of some bulletproof glass, but that's the kind of thing Gavin does as a brainteaser before he has his coffee, like how my dad enjoys a nice Sudoku in the morning.

An ambulance arrives at the hospital and Scott responds. It's Kandinsky, who's been stabbed in the abdomen. Scott's phone rings, and Gavin tells him it's time to start repaying his debt. Scott says no way is he killing a patient, but Gavin has other things in mind, like unlocking those cuffs and getting Kandinsky some not-orange pants.

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666 Park Avenue




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