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Nona's apartment. She's shoving things into laundry baskets and trash bags, vacuuming and setting out a plate of cookies. A woman she greets as Ingrid arrives, and says the apartment smells nice. Nona says her grandmother baked the cookies before she left. Ingrid is surprised that Grandma is not there, but Nona says she has a sick friend. Clearly Nona is a boxcar child and maybe has murdered her grandmother. A little later, she tells Ingrid she's reached a new place of calm and she's cured, so she doesn't need her sessions with Ingrid anymore. Ingrid though, wants to have a session with Nona's grandmother. Nona agrees and hustles her out. Ingrid hesitates at the door and says, "You know that I'm just trying to help you, right?" Nona hugs her, smiling angelically, then closes the door and puts on her enormous Bad-Girl Sunglasses. Indoors.

Gavin and Henry walk and talk. Gavin asks Henry what's going on with the job with Edwards and Henry tells him how Edwards blew him off. Gavin asks if Henry has given any more thought to running for office himself. Henry has, a lot, but right now he needs to focus on his job with the office of city planning. Gavin tells Henry that Henry's office is investigating Gavin, which Henry didn't know. Gavin says it's nothing to worry about, that it's probably one of his competitors trying to screw him. Henry offers to talk to the commissioner, but Gavin doesn't want him to do anything unethical (ha!) and says they shouldn't let the unpleasantness affect their relationship.

Annie's apartment. Annie manages to knock over the chair she's tied to and get herself untied.

Elevator. Jane compliments Nona on her Bad-Girl Sunglasses, which are obviously stolen. They exit the elevator and Ingrid is standing at Tony's desk. She asks Nona if she left her sunglasses in her apartment. Nona insists she did not. "And the Drake thief strikes again," Tony observes. Jane says they don't know the sunglasses were stolen and introduces herself to Ingrid. Nona explains who Ingrid is, and Jane looks distinctly uncomfortable as she says, "Everyone in New York is in therapy, right?" Left unsaid is her Midwestern disdain for feelings. Tony confirms: "Daddy issues. Twice a week." Jane asks Ingrid what the sunglasses look like and says she'll keep an eye out. Ingrid describes the ones Nona was wearing and gives Jane her card.

Annie runs down the street and to Ned's building, ringing the buzzer and calling him. She hears a phone ringing and as she walks down the stairs, she finds blood on the railing. Kandinsky's knife from earlier is on the ground, and under some newspapers Annie finds Ned's bloody body. Her phone rings and Kandinsky says, "I had fun with your friend. You're a very bad girl. You lied. You're next." If only I could give the smallest damn whether Annie ends up in the Hudson.

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666 Park Avenue




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