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The Drake. Henry and Jane lumber home dourly. Tony greets them and they tell him about Annie. They head upstairs, followed by Gavin and Olivia, who look serene and unbothered, even though this is at least the third death of one of their tenants in a few months. Olivia tells Gavin and Henry to go up and she and Jane will take another elevator. Henry tells Gavin he was right and apologizes for doubting him. Gavin smugly accepts his apology and gratitude.

Olivia tells Jane that tonight reminds them not to take anything for granted. She mentions Jane catching the thief, and Jane thanks her, then goes up to 10C. She tells Nona that Henry's fine and Nona says she doesn't have a clue what Jane is talking about. Nona tells her to go downstairs and sleep it off. Jane says she knows being different can be scary, and that she's there if Nona wants to talk. Nona shuts the door and walks back into the apartment saying, "I shouldn't have warned her." She tells a motionless, silent woman in a wheelchair, "I think I can trust her, Grandma. And maybe she can help you." I still think Grandma is a wax figurine.

Henry throws the flash drive in the fire, which seems like a needlessly elaborate method of disposal. Jane comes over and sits next to him. She says he should have told her about his problems with Pike and Gavin, and he says he just wanted to protect her. They stare at the fire.

Cops lead Pike out of Gracie Mansion in handcuffs while a body bag is zipped up over Annie's face. On their terrace, Gavin and Olivia drink brandies. He says he got a call that the investigation into him has been suspended, since Pike is now being indicted. "Sometimes I forget you can do magic," Olivia says. Not magic. Evil.

Nona puts a blanket around Wax Grandma's shoulders. Cops also arrest Kandinsky. Jane and Henry lie in bed and he sleepily asks how Jane knew something was wrong when she shouted his name. She says she must have a sixth sense when it comes to him.

Nona hangs Jane's necklace on the door of 3B. Inside, black smoke creeps across the floor and takes the form of a man, who stares at the sleeping couple.

Next time: The little ghost girl says, "He got out." Brian and Louise get trapped in the elevator, a guy in a gas mask grabs Olivia, and the smoke man tries to kill Jane.

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