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Birds of Creepy-dise
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Previous on 666 Park Avenue: Henry and Jane arrived at the Drake, the residents of which seem to have really bad luck: Louise Leonard got assaulted by the elevator and John Barlow got sucked into his bedroom wall. And surely the devilish owner, Gavin Doran, has nothing to do with all the eerie goings-on!

We open with a Patsy Cline's rendition of "You Belong to Me," which is gorgeous but somehow menacing when it accompanies Terry O'Quinn glowering around the lobby of the Drake. Patsy Cline died in a plane crash, which I'm sure Gavin Doran was somehow responsible for. Gavin watches as Henry enters the building.

Upstairs, Tony is showing Jane an apartment whose tenant has abruptly moved out. She wonders why she wasn't told. Tony continues his passive-aggressive jerkery toward Jane, saying she's been there a week, so why would anyone tell her anything? Uh, because it's her job to know shit about the building? They enter apartment 8F, which is the apartment formerly known as John Barlow's, because he got sucked into the wall! Tony says all the boxes are being shipped to Las Vegas. Jane starts listing repairs that need doing and Tony excuses himself to meet a party planner downstairs. He leaves and Jane explores the Barlows' haunted bedroom. She hears something behind the wall and rips a bit at the amazingly ugly wallpaper, which nevertheless seems like a poor idea, JANE, and then eleventy bajillion birds come pouring out of the wall at her. DUDE, GROSS. The birds break a window and come pouring out of the apartment in a huge, pestilent cloud. From the penthouse, Gavin observes, creepily.

Jane comes down to Tony's desk and tells him about the birds in the wall of the Barlows' apartment. He's shouting at someone on the phone about the elevators. He gives her the name of the exterminator, still being all pissy and childish about how she's the new manager and he's not. Jane sees Nona and mentions the thief in the building, as well as her missing necklace. She says it's her grandmother's and irreplaceable. Nona says she'll keep an eye out for it, and tells her not to mess with the birds. I'm beginning to think Nona is an angry ghost, since no one ever seems to talk to her except Jane.

Hospital. Louise seems to be recovering from her elevator accident just fine. Brian says she can probably go home in a few days. She bitches about the bills that are stacking up because of her collapsed lung and concussion, which seems pretty logical considering she's a freelance photographer and Brian is an unemployed playwright. Just as Alexis, Louise's sexy new assistant (although how can she afford an assistant when she doesn't have any work?) shows up, Louise asks Brian to go find a nurse and get her some more Vicodin. Alexis hands Louise a bag of stuff from home, which makes Brian uncomfortable that she was in their apartment. He's obviously afraid she turned on his computer and found the unencrypted folder on the desktop labeled "Sneaky Perv Pictures of Alexis."

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666 Park Avenue




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