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Birds of Creepy-dise

Fancy restaurant. It looks like Danielle has been stood up and she's just paying the check when Gavin shows up. He asks to buy her a drink and she says she wants to go home. Gavin says his companion was hoping to meet Danielle. He points at him and he's a cute man without food on his face or an obvious predilection for making necklaces out of women's ears, so obviously Danielle will sell her soul to nab this guy. He asks her to join them for a drink and she says, "One drink." Ah, it is never one drink. Gavin smiles as Danielle and Frank make small talk and plans for their children's private school.

Basement. The exterminator is pickaxing a wall. Nona sneaks up on him and asks what he's doing. She startles him, because she's creepy, this one. She says he's going to make the birds upset. She leaves him to his work and he goes back to hacking at the wall. In the elevator, she looks at a rabbit's foot -- the exterminator's, which she just stole. In a black-and-white flash, she maybe sees his death? Okay, so Nona isn't a ghost. She's a precog with her grandmother's stuffed corpse in her apartment.

Jane visits Louise in the hospital and brings her sandwiches, because no one can recover without carbs. Jane says they had the elevators inspected and all the safety mechanisms seem to be working, so she plans to ask Gavin about them. Louise hands over a lawyer's card and Jane asks if she's planning to sue Gavin. She says she has a real case, that she's lost a lot of work because of the accident. Jane excuses herself, saying she needs to get to the store and cook dinner. Come on, honey. FreshDirect.

Jane runs into Olivia and Danielle in the elevator. Danielle is buzzing because of her date. Jane brings groceries up to her apartment, and thinks she sees Nona in the hallway. Or maybe Nona is Olivia's dead daughter? There's an envelope in Jane's entryway, containing a newspaper article from 1956 about the murder of the guy she saw in her dream.

Henry gets home and Jane tells him about her dream and the dead guy. Henry says she's clairvoyant and asks if she's foreseeing he'll get fired. He explains that he knows Gavin's potential $100 million property is on contaminated land. Perhaps it's bigger news that a lot at Forty-Third and the West Side Highway is a toxic wasteland of arsenic and chromium? Henry says if Gavin closes the deal, he'll be screwed, presumably because they can't put a residential tower on a toxic dump? Jane tells Henry to tell Gavin, but if he leaks this information (why wouldn't Gavin get his own assessment of the land before buying?), he'll get fired and he and Jane will have to move back to Indiana. I knew it! Henry is a much cuter and less dour incarnation of Mark Brendanawicz!

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666 Park Avenue




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