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Birds of Creepy-dise

Henry and Jane are talking in bed. She says she thinks the building is trying to tell her something. Henry is full of pot roast and expensive wine and just wants to sleep.

Danielle's man is putting his clothes back on and says he needs to get home. She asks him to stay, and he says his wife will kill him if he doesn't come home. Uh oh -- his wife? He tells Danielle, "You knew what the deal was," and points out that he didn't take off his wedding ring. (Liar. He wasn't wearing one in the scene at the restaurant where he first met Danielle. It's unclear in the later scene of their date if he's wearing one. Thanks, DVR!) Danielle insists that she looked for a ring and he repeats that he has to go.

Jane is dreaming again. She's in the laundry room, walking through the door, into 7G. She sees the dead guy again. The woman who stabbed him to death appears in the door, ice pick still in her hand. It's Danielle, in a really gorgeous late-'50s dinner dress. She says to the man on the floor, "I loved you so much." Jane wakes up in bed next to Henry.

Danielle has killed her gentleman caller, stabbed him to death in the front hall. Gavin walks in her door. She asks him for help. He says Frank Alpern got what he deserved, for trying to screw Gavin over and for cheating on his (Frank's) wife and misrepresenting himself to Danielle. Ah -- Alpern was the name of the development on the west side, the one on the toxic lot. Gavin says he doesn't blame Danielle for getting upset and Danielle says she didn't kill Frank. Gavin asks if she remembers Edward, her first love, the guy in 7G, who told her he loved another woman. There are flashes of Danielle killing Edward. Gavin mentions Carlos, who also betrayed Danielle. She shot him. Then there was Michael, whom she bludgeoned with a wine bottle. And Dominic, who also got stabbed. She says it's not true, then stands up and sees herself in the mirror and she's an old woman. Gavin embraces her as she cries and says he'll take care of the mess, that she'll feel like a brand-new woman in the morning. A sad, lonely, amnesiac woman who doesn't know why she can't find love and keeps getting her heart broken over and over again, but still young-looking, and that's what's important, obviously. So Gavin is using her (and Barlow before) as his hit squad to eliminate all his business rivals?


Gavin greets Tony in the lobby. Henry exits an elevator and Gavin tells him he's closed the deal on that building, although he doesn't know who'd want to live there, considering how toxic the ground is. Henry asks if Gavin is angry that Henry didn't tell him. Gavin says he's not and that he sold the property for a $20 million profit to a Chinese investor this morning. (So now that guy owns a toxic lot? I wonder what he'll do to the residents of his supernatural apartment building to get revenge on Gavin?) Olivia greets Gavin and observes that Henry passed his test, but that he's still a Boy Scout. Gavin insists Henry is going to be a hero.

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666 Park Avenue




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