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Birds of Creepy-dise

Louise comes home and asks why all the curtains are drawn. Brian opens them, and of course Alexis is changing her bedsheets, in her underpants. Louise opens the mail, which is mostly bills, but also an apology from Gavin. And a $300,000 check from Gavin. I guess she won't be suing him, then.

At the front desk, Jane and Tony are looking for the exterminator, who has disappeared. Tony says he'll find another. Gavin tells them not to bother, but to block off the Barlows' apartment and let the birds be. That seems like a bad idea. He tells her to see to the mess in the basement. As she's heading down, Danielle gets off the elevator and Jane asks how her date was. Danielle says he canceled -- "His loss." She tells Jane to tell Henry she says hi. Jane's expression is all, I will not. Danielle says to Gavin that Jane is sweet, lucky to have found Henry. Gavin says finding love is worth the pain that comes before and Danielle says she thinks she's heard that before, because he told her at the restaurant the night she met Frank (or maybe at his penthouse party).

In the basement, Jane walks through the giant hole in the wall the exterminator had opened up. It's all bluish and ghostly. The door slams shut behind her and Jane screams in the dark.

Next time: Someone breaks into the Leonards' apartment while they're in bed. Henry and Gavin play racquetball, and Gavin asks Henry what he wants. Brian and Louise go clubbing with Alexis, which I anticipate ending in a very poorly thought-out three-way. And Jane is trapped in the basement with... something. Eek.

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