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Sympathy for the Rent-Controlled

Meanwhile, in what looks like Soho, John is walking Mary past the café where they had their second date. I still think she's a zombie. Her nose starts to bleed, and Barlow says Mr. Doran will know what to do. On the phone, he tells Gavin he can't lose Mary again. "There's only one way to cheat death," Gavin says. And that way is for Barlow to keep killing people, apparently. Gavin says he'll tell Barlow who to knock off next, or it's Mary's life and his.

Wearing half of his tux, Henry comes into the living room looking for his cufflinks and tells Jane they only have half an hour to get ready. She shows him her research on the dragon motif, that at one time the laundry room hosted spooky fraternal brotherhood meetings of redundant redundancy back in the '20s. She shows Henry the photo from 1927, which shows a door in the laundry room, but it's not there in the photo she took today. Then she jumps up suddenly and rushes off to get ready. She finds a package in the hall, from Olivia. The note says, "I'm not good at taking no for an answer." Inside is the red McQueen, obviously, which fits her perfectly and looks amazing, but it's really starting to bother me how dark Rachael Taylor's eyebrows are next to her blonde hair.

Brian Leonard's Peeping-Tom window. Louise reminds him they have a reservation. He's still spying on Alexis, who now knows he's watching and takes off her robe. In the elevator, he asks Louise how she found Alexis. She says she was referred by a friend at Elle, and Louise asks why he's so interested. "Because she's so smokin' hot?" she asks. Brian denies it, kind of, and gets off the elevator. As Louise follows him, the doors slam shut on her, knocking her down and slamming on her again. Brian yells for help and tries to pry the doors open and pull Louise out, but she's dragged up and down in the door, stopping just short of the full Six Feet Under.

Jane and Henry enjoy the symphony, which the closed captions tell me is Beethoven's No. 7 in A Major. It's very bass-heavy and gloomy. A few rows behind them, Gavin watches them creepily. Barlow finds a photo of his next target in an envelope, slid under his door. Nona uses a key to get into apartment 3B and steals Jane's necklace. Monstrous child. Barlow waits on the High Line (maybe?) for his target, then follows the man down to street level. The man falls but Barlow can't kill him. He goes home to Mary, who's become all gray and veiny and kind of looks like Kristen Stewart at the end of Twilight 4: The Spawning. Jane notices that Gavin is staring intensely at the back of her head. She turns and he gives her like four degrees of a smile, which doesn't seem to reassure her.

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666 Park Avenue




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