666 Park Avenue

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Sympathy for the Rent-Controlled

Gavin says the contracts are a standard year with an option for another, that they can quit or he can fire them any time. Henry says they won't be quitting. Gavin says Henry told him Jane was doing research on the building, and he grabs some blueprints and says he wants to restore the Drake to how it looked originally, and he wants Jane's help. She's flattered and overwhelmed and has forgotten that Gavin is super spooky and probably has Moira Kelly locked in a cabinet somewhere. They sign the contracts.

Nona's jewelry hoard. She rubs Jane's necklace and sees Jane, in the red McQueen, fleeing in terror as she gets ax-murdered. But she's wearing the necklace Nona is holding. Hmm.

Next time: Jane finds birds living in the building's walls. Alexis tries to bang Brian. Jane investigates a long-ago murder and the covered-up laundry-room door. Because nothing says spooky like vermin infestations and unexpected renovations!

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666 Park Avenue




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