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The Policy of Truth

In the elevator, Gavin greets the journalist as Annie and asks after her work. She bitches about her job, finally saying, "I would do anything to get off the obit desk." You can basically see Gavin's ears perk up into little devilish points. He compliments her creativity as a writer and says maybe he can help with her predicament. It will only cost her... her soul!! In her apartment, at her laptop, Annie reflects on what Gavin said about using her creativity. She's working on a piece about a Mr. Diebold (whose name is practically Dickensian in this context) and says he may not have lived well, but she can ensure he'll die well. She looks over at some books about Russia on her dresser and begins typing, speaking aloud. It appears she's just going to make some shit up about Diebold being a Cold War hero who defeated some Russian guy named Kandinsky. All this seems like a great way to get fired and not be able to afford your apartment at the Drake.

Brian and Louise wake up in bed. He asks how she's feeling and she says much better. So he wants to get busy. She climbs on top of him and they go at it like she didn't just get mashed by some heavy-duty hydraulics a few weeks ago. Then Brian stops and asks if she hears something, like the door, but Louise is feeling randy and keeps kissing him. So of course Alexis walks in, because this is a normal thing you do to people first thing in the morning -- you let yourself into their apartment and come tramping into their bedroom. Christ, Alexis, were you raised in a barn? She says the door was open and she knocked, and that she thought she and Louise were going to yoga. Brian's like, what the hell? Louise says Alexis is holding things together and "without her I would be screwed." Brian flops back and mutters, "Yeah, that was the idea." Welp, guess Brian is going to screw Alexis instead!

Jane and Henry's. She's looking at plans for the building and talking about the mysterious basement room and its ductwork. I think Jane and Ted Mosby need to get a room and talk about all their boring architecture shit so the rest of us don't have to hear about it. Jane wants to ask Gavin for the building's original 1923 plans, and Henry cautions her not to eff things up for them by ripping down walls and being all nosy, since Gavin is taking him to his club tonight. Jane says Gavin told her to restore the Drake to its original glory, and that she wants to solve all the building's mysteries. Those... are not exactly the same thing.

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666 Park Avenue




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