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The Policy of Truth

Henry introduces himself to Edwards, and says they have an interview set up in a few weeks. Edwards is eating and dismisses Henry, but Henry is way more scared of Gavin than he is of burning his bridge with Edwards, so he says quietly, "I just want to tell you you're going to lose the upcoming election, sir." Edwards asks why he thinks so, and Henry says voters are mad about some rezoning in Greenpoint. Henry further explains that the residents think he's in the developers' pockets and the developers think he's too harsh on them. He says if Edwards isn't careful, he'll be out of a job before he can even begin his mayoral run. Edwards is impressed and invites Henry to sit down.

Jane and Olivia are tearing up the West Side Highway in Olivia's Porsche. (Excellent idea after you've had lunchtime whiskey.) Jane is freaked out by how recklessly Olivia is driving and Olivia says this is where Sasha died, that it was raining and she shouldn't have been driving, and then they're headed right for a concrete divider at 80 miles an hour. Olivia swerves and hits the brakes at the last moment, somehow managing not to roll the car, and Jane heroically doesn't barf into her handbag. Rattled, she tells Olivia there's nothing she could have done to prevent the accident. Olivia says no, that her daughter drove into a concrete wall on purpose.

Annie's boss's office. He asks her to come in and shut the door and asks her to explain why the 250-word obit she was supposed to write turned into a two-column Cold War thriller. She says Diebold's story inspired her. Annie's boss has a funny feeling about this, so he asked his superiors what they thought. They want Annie to write 1,500 words about the other person mentioned in the obit, Kandinsky. She says she can absolutely do it and starts rambling off a bunch of bullshit. He asks if she's sure she can hit her word count and that all the facts need to be rock-solid. She says she has an excellent source. Now I'm wondering what creative death Gavin has in mind for poor, stupid Annie. Sucked into an IBM Selectric, perhaps?

Henry hollers for Brian to hold the elevator and rushes in as the doors are closing, which understandably freaks Brian out. Brian asks how he's doing, and Henry gleefully shares that he might have a new job. Brian asks if Henry is a lawyer, and when he says yes, if Henry knows anything about breaking leases, because Louise is uncomfortable about living in the building now (liar). In the Leonards' apartment, Henry says the lease is pretty ironclad and that clearly Gavin doesn't like people breaking deals. Brian asks if Henry can talk to Gavin for him, since they've gotten so cozy. Henry agrees, and Brian asks if he and Louise can take Jane and Henry out that night to celebrate Henry's new job. As Brian is in the kitchen getting beers, Henry notices Alexis undressing next door. She turns to face him with her best come-get-it-fella expression, then drops the act and covers her breasts when she sees that it's Henry, not Brian, ogling the goodies. She pulls the curtain shut and Brian, noticing, says, "Nice view, huh?"

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