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The Policy of Truth

Olivia hands Jane a cup of tea and says Jane reminds her of Sasha, and that her daughter loved exploring the Drake. Olivia says when Sasha was 15, something changed, and after that they were never as close. She was the one who found Sasha's suicide note, which she says she's never told anyone about, not even Gavin. Olivia says Sasha and Gavin had a fight the night before she died and that he blames himself. Jane tells Olivia she admires her courage, but that ten years is a long time to carry that kind of secret. She says she would have loved to have a mother like Olivia. Gavin comes home, and Jane excuses herself. He sits and Olivia puts her head on his shoulder and her left hand -- adorned with a diamond the size of a baby's fist -- on his chest. He says she has to stop blaming herself.

Jane and Henry's. They make out some, then he tells her about the job and that they're going to celebrate with Brian and Louise. Jane flops back on the bed as Henry goes to change. She hears a tinkling sound coming from the air vent. She crouches to look, then goes down to the laundry room to investigate. The wall she broke through is dripping blood and then she sees the little girl, who says, "It's bad in there." Jane asks, "What's bad?" and just about jumps out of her skin when Gavin comes up behind her. She looks back, but the girl is gone. Gavin hands her the old blueprints (because it makes perfect sense that he'd come find her in the basement rather than her apartment?) and they head for the elevator.

Henry and Jane meet Brian and Louise in the lobby and they go to a club. Louise tells Henry and Jane how she and Brian met, and Jane says she's so glad they're having this evening before the Leonards move out. This is the first Louise is hearing of it, and Brian interrupts her to ask Henry about what he said about the Drake being haunted. Henry protests that he just mentioned that Jane thinks there are ghosts. Louise hasn't dropped the issue of why Brian would have Henry look at their lease, but she's distracted when Alexis appears. Henry gives Brian the aha eyebrow.

Annie, in her apartment, treats herself to some champagne, because French bubbles go best with egregious falsehoods. She sits down to write Kandinsky's story, about a vicious mob hit man who tortured his victims to death with pliers and wrenches. As she writes, we see the man she's describing, complete with the facial scar she just invented, entering the elevator at the Drake. She turns in her story (no proofreading, no editing, and I cannot even with this, you guys -- where does she work, the New York Daily Makin' Shit Up?) as there's a noise outside her door. She looks through the peephole and sees Kandinsky, come to life. She flees into the bathroom and tries to open the window. The man kicks open her door as Annie smashes the bathroom window with the trash can. He breaks in and pulls her back in as she clutches at the broken window edges, cutting her hands up and leaving streaks of blood as he drags her across the bathroom floor. And that is what you get for lying.

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666 Park Avenue




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