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All By Myself

Annie and Hattie are laughing and talking late into the night. Annie says that's the first time she's talked about her mom without crying. Then she moans a bit about Eric's heart attack. Then Hattie tells her some clich├ęs about death. It's fortunate for Annie that Hattie's bored enough to deal with her. Hattie follows up with truisms about taking care of oneself in order to take care of others. They toast to "taking a break."

The babies are trying to sleep, but Ruthie's in their room babbling at them. She says, "I can't explain it. I just like you better when Mom's not here." Ruthie, for the love of Little Debbie, shut the hell up. They're cute, and you're not. Get over it. She tells them that if they need anything, not to be afraid to cry, and she'll come running. This would've been cute coming from anyone but her. The poor, cute babies are tainted when Ruthie kisses her fingers and touches their heads. I swear, they're so cute. I'm starting to think about having another one. Should I? Oh, you know what I'll do? I'll go to my regular Internet bulletin boards and ask everyone to vote on it. ["Go for it, I say. You can name it 'Camden,' a nice unisex name and also a tribute to your inspiration for having another baby." -- Sars] RevCam was eavesdropping in the hall. He starts analyzing her jealousy of the twins. She says she loves them but doesn't want anyone to know. She asks RevCam if they can stay up all night. He says he has to so he can write his sermon. She says something cute-not about the sermon putting them all to sleep.

Matt is hanging with Mary in her room, remarking on the mess. He asks if Robbie called and she peevishly says no. He suggests that Robbie's taking a break. The subject turns to Matt taking a break from saying goodbye to Shana. This episode should've been titled "Taking A Break." Mary thinks it's going to work out for them. I doubt it will, but then again, I don't care. Matt says the same about her and Robbie. They pretend to look for Lucy under piles of clothes. Hardy freaking har.

Andrew approaches Lucy in the lobby of the theater. She immediately says, "Brad's in the restroom and he's the jealous type, so maybe you should just run along." Yeah, Andrew. Don't be barging into the restroom and horning in on Lucy's action. Andrew tells Lucy that she and Brad have no chemistry. Lucy fake-laughs, "And there's chemistry between us?" Suave Andrew replies, "My porch. Our lips. Remember?" She rolls her eyes and he continues, "I know you do, 'cause I can't get that kiss out of my mind." She tells him he's crazy. He grips her head and kisses her. Then he says "see ya" and peels out. Brad emerges from the men's and asks Lucy if she's ready to go. "Kiss me," says Loose-y. He quickly pecks her on the mouth and asks if he can go to her house tomorrow. She thinks they need to take a break. D'oh.

Simon calls Dina and apologizes. You know why he didn't call her earlier? Because he needed a break, silly! He'll wear his blue shirt on Monday.

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