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All By Myself

Matt has joined the sloths in the living room. Lucy trips in and RevCam monotones, "How was your date with Chad?" "It's Brad," butts in Mary. Ruthie's asleep. Lucy says her dad can call him Chad if he wants. The phone rings. It's Annie and she misses Eric. She's wearing a big black window-pane plaid robe in her hotel bed. RevCam passes the phone to Matt so the kids can all say goodnight to their mom all smarmy and Waltons-y. Matt says goodnight and that he loves her. Simon says goodnight. Mary loves Annie. Lucy wants her to sleep well. Ruthie mumbles, "Goodnight, Mommy," like a little brat. Annie makes gross kissy noises. Eric says sweet dreams, he misses her, blah blah. They hang up. Matt cackles. The others laugh. Matt says the parents make them sick. They pummel their dad with pillows. Too bad I wasn't there for that one.

Annie's checking out and thanking the proprietor guy. She asks if Hattie's around so she can thank her and say bye. You know what happens next, don't you? The guys goes, "Hattie who?" There's no Hattie working there. Annie's putting her junk in the mini-van when she sees Hattie limping across the beach. She runs up and says, "Blah blah blah I thought you were an angel!" Hattie explains that her boss doesn't call her Hattie, that that's just a family nickname, and she's no angel. "But what about the phone message?" asks Annie. Huh? What about it? Hattie says she was passing on the phone message because the manager told her to. Then she says some crap about angels, friends, and family all being the same thing. Happy barks. Annie says, "But I thought you were Della Reese!" Hattie says, "No, honey -- she's a token African-American character. I'm only a tertiary character that you'll never see again." Just kidding. Annie and Hattie hug. Whatever. The end.

Next week: Mary tries to set up Lucy with some guy. Oh, THAT'S the guy from' N Sync. His name is allegedly Lance Bass. Yeah, I'm so sure. RevCam spies on them, sees them kissing, and complains about it to Annie. Woo hoo, Cate! I envy your recapping this one because it looks like hilarity hijinks a-plenty to me.

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