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All By Myself

Mmm -- Little Debbie cakes. Little Debbie, take me and Annie away!

I guess Annie's time-out is over, because she's putting a twin into a crib now. Eric is putting down the other one. The twin with hair is extra frisky, so Annie pats him rather firmly on the behind. Finally she and RevCam leave the room with the baby monitor, shutting the door on their wide-awake kids. Annie's asking if Eric understands that with the new babies and his recent heart attack and her dad's Alzheimer's, it's all too much. She needs to get away for a couple of days. RevCam asks where she'll go. She says to the beach, a "place where she used to go with her parents." Aw, man. I hope this doesn't mean they had to hire someone to play Annie in flashback scenes. Eric points out that it's winter. "Yes, I KNOW it's winter, Eric. You see? That's the kind of condescension from which I need a break," says Annie. Psych! She doesn't say that. She says she knows, and that she hopes the beach will be deserted. She loves her family, but she needs to sleep and not worry about anyone else for forty-eight hours. Eric understands. He's all Mr. Cool about it. Well, he should be if they have seven kids and this is the first time she's flipped out about it. He suggests that she take Happy, the Family Dog, so she won't be totally alone. She says that's a great idea. I have to take her word for it. I wouldn't want to be worrying about dog feces on my vacation, but maybe that's just me.

At the high school, Mary and Lucy are still being pathetic. They decide that if they haven't heard from Brad and Robbie by tonight, they'll call them themselves. Oh, no, girls! Don't do it! Don't break The Rules! You'll never get diamonds now! They tell each other that "with Mom out of town" this is the perfect weekend to go out. I don't understand. Does Annie usually chaperone their dates? I thought RevCam was the one who drove around town spying on his daughters. Oh, well.

Annie is packing a big old fisherman-knit sweater, which she really shouldn't have been storing on a hanger like that. She tells RevCam that Mary and Lucy are waiting for boys to call, so he shouldn't tie up the line after they're home from school. "But I don't want them to go out with boys," says the Rev. Good call, Rev. There IS much less risk of HIV if they only date girls. I tell you, Reverend Camden's always up on his stats! Annie smirks at him until he agrees to lay off the phone.

At Casa Chicken, Matt is sitting on the hall floor looking like the kind of disturbed homeless person that Ally McBeal won't date more than three times. Shana shows up with her hands awkwardly full of boxes. Ever hear of stacking, Shana? She thought Matt was working today. Matt took the weekend off so he could help her pack for New York. Aww! What a kind stalker! He's been trying to call her since 6 AM. "Oh, I'm sorry," says Shana not-at-all-sorrily. "I left early to get boxes and stuff." I wonder what "and stuff" means. Could it be something like, "Oh, I'm sorry, I left early to get boxes and a tattoo that says 'Johnny'"? I guess we'll never know. There's some ridiculous blather about Matt helping in the morning, as opposed to whatever time it is now. Matt is showing his control-freak side. He agrees to help her at the current time, though, and they go into her apartment.

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