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Carlos and Mary sit on the couch and wonder when the CamRents will come downstairs talk to them. Mary tries to tell Carlos a "funny" story about something that happened when she was in Glenoak a few months ago, but she keeps losing her nerve and says that she'll just tell him about it later. Mary doesn't know how to talk to anyone about anything important. This must be quite a handicap in the workplace; I can just imagine her needing to shout orders to passengers in the event of an emergency landing, only to chicken out and have them all die because they weren't in the proper crash positions. Carlos wisely says that he'd like to hear it now, instead of being surprised by it in front of her family again. Mary realizes that Carlos already knows what she's going to say anyway, so she finally, after a few seconds of what passes for suspense on this show, says that she's pregnant. Carlos pumps his fists in the air and says "yes!" That was kind of cute. They hug, then Mary says something in Spanish about how she's a hen who's insanely embarrassed. Mary and Carlos hug again, and Mary smiles happily as the scene fades to black. I cry tears of unbearable sadness because Mary's going to have a baby and I'm going to have to see it. For whatever I did to deserve this, I'm sorry. I'm so horribly sorry.

And the previews for next week's show contain clips of Simon's accident, just like the previews for this episode did, even though there was no such footage in the show. There's also clips from today's and last week's shows posing as clips for next week's episode. Can't they send you to jail for lying on television?

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