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And Away They Blow...

Meanwhile, Lucy is still planning to go in the RV with her parents without telling them. The horrible Duff girl and her stupid Martin spawn son are also packing to go, and Kevin mentions that Lucy might want to ask her parents before inviting the entire town to go with them. Kevin decides to play Debbie Downer and wonders whether RevCam's sudden impulsive decision-making is the result of his magical terminal disease cure or whether RevCam lied about being cured and is still dying and this is his last hurrah. As long as it involves the RV and the city's worth of people inside it going over a cliff and towards a certain doom, I am all for this. Lucy won't believe that her father lied to the entire family about his heart, but Kevin points out that he lied when he tried to conceal it from them all in the first place. And no one talked to RevCam's doctors except RevCam himself. Beverley Mitchell tries really hard to act as Kevin says that they should just go along with whatever RevCam wants and not ask questions about it. "Why didn't we ever question this before?" Lucy asks, finally realizing that RevCam's dream last week about his heart being magically cured does not necessarily mean his heart is magically cured. Which means she might want to get a pregnancy test done before she forces the horrible Duff girl's gyno fiancé to go in the RV with them. Kevin and Lucy decide that if RevCam is lying to everyone, he must have a really good reason to, and Kevin says they should just think good thoughts and figure that RevCam is fine. And that's probably how it's going to stay, since we're thirty-seven minutes into the episode and it's a little late to start a major plot point now.

When we return, Lucy has just told her dad that she's going to accompany him on his cross-country journey. RevCam has no problem with that, so long as some of them ride in the minivan with Mac, the blonde, and the redhead. Lucy says that's fine, and RevCam makes sure she knows to observe his stupid "three items" rule. Lucy says that she has a two-and-a-half-year-old and therefore might need a special exception. RevCam will not give it to her. So Lucy realizes this is sheer insanity and tells him to fuck off and goes back to her house and lives her own life with her own family. Actually, she agrees to the rule, thrilled when RevCam tells her that cell phones and chargers count as one item. "This is gonna be...exciting!" Lucy says. "Yeah, life is exciting," RevCam replies. "YEAH!" Lucy shouts. I wonder if, at some point, this script was a work of literary genius and then it got run through the Babelfish English-to-retard translator. RevCam detects sadness behind Lucy's smile, but she tries to deny she's upset. He thinks (hopes) that she doesn't actually want to go on the trip with them, but she says she wants to, and she is. After more back-and-forth talk that goes nowhere, Lucy finally sucks it up and asks her dad what's wrong with him. He says he's fine and wouldn't lie to the entire community about his heart. But when she asks him to swear on it, he just smiles and says he doesn't like to swear. Unlike Annie, who early this season said "my ass." Can you believe that? But she did! RevCam wonders why people can't believe good news. I'm guessing it's because we're so used to getting great news about a terrible show being cancelled, only to be crushed with disappointment when the show comes back for another season.

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