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And Away They Blow...

SamVid may look older, but they're still as retarded as ever! When RevCam comes to tuck them in, they're jumping in their beds because Annie told them to get their energy out before they get in the RV tomorrow. RevCam makes them sit down and pick out the three things they're going to take with them because he is obsessed with that stupid rule. He says they can burn off mental energy that way. The twins don't understand this concept, as they have nothing mental to burn. "When you think, what do you think about?" they ask RevCam. They don't even know how to think. Those poor kids. RevCam answers with a terrifying journey into his mind as he details his daily thoughts. He wakes up and thinks about what a good day he's going to have and all the things he wants to happen and what he's going to do to make them happen. Once the bribe money has been doled out to SergeantDetectiveCaptainChief Michaels, and with "life's help" (because we can mention God when it's to profess our undying love for Ruthie, but not if it's in any way related to something a minister would actually say), RevCam accomplishes these things and then goes to bed and thinks about how happy he is to be alive. And then he says a little prayer. Always thinking of God last, is RevCam. SamVid ask him if he knows the "now I lay me down to sleep" prayer, reciting it in unison. RevCam actually does know of this prayer, although he couldn't spell Jesus right without a few hints! Vid says that the prayer is "terrifying." Especially when delivered in unison from the mouths of zombie children. RevCam asks them what prayer they do say, then, and it's pretty much inexcusable that a MINISTER would not be a part of his kids' nightly prayers. In fucking unison, they say they ask God not to kill anyone in their sleep and to bless everyone in the world and all the animals. RevCam smiles as if this were entertaining, then says he likes that prayer. They say good-night and that they love him. RevCam makes sure to keep the closet light on.

RevCam finally gets into bed, only to get tackled from behind by Annie, who was lying in wait for him. She says she can't wait for the trip and she's really happy. But she doesn't know what to do with their mail. Instead of doing something smart and logical like having it held at the post office, RevCam suggests asking Martin's soldier daddy to bring their mail in for the foreseeable future. Annie says that it'll be awkward asking Martin's dad for favors after their daughter rejected his son, but that's not going to stop her. RevCam asks about the newspaper, and Annie says she already called to cancel it and "followed it up with an email," grinning insanely. RevCam is worried about money, but Annie says that she ran through the house and found plenty of money an ATM cards they can use. Now all that's left is to fix the fence and get the RV back into the driveway. "I got a guy," Annie says. But he's a surprise. Tonight, they say good-night and kiss, which would be romantic if it wasn't RevCam and Annie and Annie didn't keep her freaking eyes open the whole time.

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