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And Away They Blow...

A dorky gross boy enters the house and, his voice a-squeaking, starts talking to Lucy about the RV and how great it is. "It has a master bedroom, a kitchen, and a bath!" he says. Well, yeah, most RVs do. That's sort of the point. They wonder what RevCam will use it for just as he comes downstairs (damn, RevCam, that was kinda quick, wasn't it?) and says he and Annie are going on the road. "You're kidding!" the guy says. Who are you, dorky guy? Why are you so skinny? Why do you shake when you talk? And why is RevCam inviting you to come with him and Annie on their road trip of sex and shirking responsibilities? But the guy turns RevCam down, saying he already has a road trip planned for this summer. I don't care. Lucy's eyes bug out when RevCam says that he and Annie are leaving tomorrow and don't know where they're going other than to "see America." Seeing as the Camdens' America has all of four states in it, that shouldn't take too long. When RevCam tells Lucy to "keep an eye on" the church while they're gone, she has to speak up, saying RevCam and Annie can't just take SamVid out of school and leave town like this. Except that I doubt RevCam and Annie even remembered that they'd have to have the twins with them on this trip, and anyway, RevCam pulled them out of school and has been homeschooling them this season, like those poor boys didn't have enough stacked against them socially.

Lucy reminds RevCam of Ruthie and her schooling needs, and he says that, ever-so-conveniently, she and "T-Bone" just had their last day of school. The dorky guy is named T-Bone. Why? And why is Ruthie back in CamLand? Last I heard, she escaped to Scotland with that guy who wasn't really Scottish, and I had such high hopes for her. But I guess they had to beg Mackenzie Rosman to come back for the second half of this season, so here she is. And good for her for saying no to coming back at first. I can't blame her for the weird mind-control device Brenda Hampton seems to have implanted into every cast member's head that made her come back eventually. I just hope they paid her a lot. Lucy says RevCam can't just take off. He says he can, because the church he works for is full of fools who will let him live in a mansion and not even work for them, as we've seen before when RevCam had his various spiritual crises and quit Revving for a while. RevCam says he can also bring Annie, SamVid, Happy, and "the hamsters." I guess that's what they're calling Ruthie now, since no one saw fit to mention her on that list. T-Bone says he'll be spending the summer going on a cross-country road trip with his dad. As for Ruthie, T-Bone says he has been ordered not to tell the Camdens anything. By the way, T-Bone -- okay, you know what? I refuse to call him T-Bone. It ends here -- T-Bag doesn't even know if the guy he's going across the country with is his real father, although apparently Kevin had someone run a background check on him and he had no arrests, so "what the heck," T-Bag says. Yes, well, that sounds pretty safe, going across the country with a man you don't know who may or may not be your father. As long as he has no criminal record, that means he's never done anything wrong. Either that, or he's just killed all the witnesses. Anyway, I'd just like any young impressionable readers out there to know that what T-Bag is doing is a good way to get raped. But no one in the CamPound really cares enough to give him a heads-up on that, and he wanders away.

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