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And Away They Blow...

After the commercial, Lucy and Kevin return to their own home, where Lucy promptly pitches a fit about how her parents are nuts. Kevin says they're just as nuts, since they are also leaving Glenoak. Well, no, Kevin, actually -- you're leaving Glenoak for jobs and a place to raise your family and trying to be independent of your in-laws for the first time in your marriage. That's the opposite of nuts. What RevCam and Annie are doing, however, is nuts. "We are supposed to take off," says the girl who lives next door to her parents and works for her father. Kevin doesn't pay any attention to Lucy's complaints, instead asking if she's eating again. "I'm hungry again," she pouts. Well, of course you are, Lucy. You had chicken broth and cucumbers for dinner. Kevin starts preparing some food for her, and Lucy says that if her parents leave, she wants to go with them. So much for all that crap she said about how they're "supposed" to take off. "I don't think we were asked," Kevin says. Lucy doesn't get the hint and says she can go ask them and invite herself. Yeah, just make sure you don't walk in on them having sex, not like you or they would care. So sad, Kevin asks Lucy about their big plans to move to Crossroads. Lucy says that they'll stop there in the RV. And if her parents decide to keep going, she'll go with them, "because that's my family." Holy CHRIST, Lucy. GROW UP. Clearly, your parents have no qualms about being away from you for an extended period of time, so why can't you tear yourself away from them? It's not like they're not even interesting or fun to be around.

Kevin gently reminds Lucy that he and Savannah are Lucy's family, too, and she has to think about them and how they'll feel crammed into an RV with a bunch of assholes for an indefinite amount of time. Plus, Lucy will want to be near a doctor since she's pregnant. Actually, we don't know for a fact Lucy is pregnant. Last week, she basically decided that she was pregnant and then said she didn't feel the need to verify this with a pregnancy test, because this show is apparently against those now, too. Lucy has a solution to this problem: they can invite the horrible Duff girl to go along with them and she'll bring her doctor fiancé with her! So that's four adults, two dogs, one innocent child, and a fetus that may be a figment of Lucy's imagination, all inviting themselves along for the ride? Kevin asks Lucy why anyone would want to travel with the CamFam. Lucy shrugs that the doctor loves that horrible Duff girl and she loves them, and all you need to go on a road trip with seven thousand people is love. I love my family as much as the next person, but that's not enough for us to happily share an RV together. Once, when I was about eight or nine, we spent the night in one hotel room and that was enough. But maybe that's just my accursed lack of family values talking. The RV population grows by the second, as there's also that horrible Duff girl and Martin's son to bring along with them, as well as "the possibility of also picking up Simon." Yeah, I'd say that possibility is pretty darn slim. Simon is way too cool for you guys now. Lucy says that the RV sleeps eight, and between them and the CamRents, they have enough tents for everyone else. Because sleeping your pregnant self in a tent is really healthy. Not to mention sticking poor innocent Savannah out there. Although I think she's better off in a tent than inside that RV with seven other people, at least two of whom are having sex with each other all the time. While Savannah eats her hand off in an attempt to injure herself and get out of this nightmare road trip from hell, Lucy says she's sure that a doctor who just finished his residency will have nothing better to do than go on a road trip and be her own personal doctor for free. What fun for him.

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