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And Away They Blow...

The blonde says she got a "strange call" from her mother yesterday. Hmm, yes, I'm guessing it's something along the lines of "I've hired a deprogrammer and he's coming for you. Soon we will get our darling daughter home and back to us and away from that CamCult. Stay strong!" Actually, her mother was apologizing and informing her that she's entered rehab since her boyfriend was arrested for violating his parole stemming from his arrest for being addicted to prescription drugs. That's an arrestable offense in Glenoak, apparently. Out of nowhere, RevCam starts speechifying about the evils of prescription drugs, and I'm going to transcribe it here for you, because why the hell not? It's the last PSA he'll ever deliver: "I guess 'prescription' makes it all better. Illegal drugs or legal drugs found illegally -- it's all the same. Addicts are addicts. But maybe he'll get some help now." Okay, well, that's a little bit ignorant -- some people who would never do illegal drugs get hooked on prescription drugs they're supposed to take for a real illness. The addiction is the same, but the reasons behind it are different. It's sort of like saying that regardless of whether you had sex consensually or got raped, you're still not a virgin and therefore an evil doer of premarital sex...although, now that I think about it, that may very well have already happened on this show. I wouldn't put it past them. Anyway, the blonde is falling asleep, so RevCam wraps it up and says they've got boxes in the garage, and the blonde can help herself to whatever she needs to pack her stuff. The blonde asks if they're still considered "guests" in the CamPound. RevCam says they're "extended family" now, whoever they are. The blonde shows off her new familiar relationship with RevCam by kissing him on the cheek and putting her hand on his chest.

RevCam heads upstairs, where he runs into Mac, who asks if he can drive the RV. RevCam says Annie's actually the only one who knows how to drive one, since they test drove some over the summer when they were thinking about getting away. Mac asks why they didn't then, and RevCam says it was a "last-minute decision" and "fate" and "it wouldn't have been the right time." Meanwhile, Everwood and fans of quality television are like, "Yeah, thanks, fate." Mac says they don't have much money, but he does have a Dopey-style soul patch, so RevCam says they'll manage. Mac says he and the redhead will be joining the CamFam, then, and RevCam quickly asks if they're "dating." "We're not sleeping together, if that's what you're asking," Mac says. "I was asking," RevCam says, with no shame. He asks Mac if he's in love with the redhead. Mac says he thinks he might be. From out of nowhere, the redhead screams and comes running out into the hall, all exited that a doofy guy with bad hair might love her. RevCam leaves to check on T-Bag.

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