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Matt says that he didn't think he and PC should come across the country for the wedding, what with them graduating from med school tomorrow and PC being so pregnant, but PC insisted that it would be really crappy of them to miss it. That, and PC doesn't have any other acting jobs lined up and really needs the cash right now. As for Barry Watson, he is the titular character in another series but still must appear on this show because he signed a pact with the devil (a.k.a. Brenda Hampton) that will never let him leave this show behind him. RevCam nosily asks Matt and PC what the sex of their baby is, and Matt answers that, according to Jewish tradition, they don't even know it. "We do too!" PC squeals. Yeah, fuck Jewish tradition! Matt says they'll tell them later. They're going to watch the wedding and then take the red-eye home to New York for their med school graduation tomorrow that none of the Camdens care enough to actually go see. RevCam rubs his hands together at the thought of the Drs. Camden, but PC reminds him that she'll actually be Dr. Glass since she doesn't go by her married name. RevCam says that's fine with him, but you know that it totally isn't.

Annie changes the topic of conversation to something more unpleasant, that being her anger with the couple for eloping and lying about it to everyone. PC says that she didn't check with Matt before telling Ruthie to go ahead and finally tell everyone the truth, so Matt is angry with her about that, too. Well, if he felt that strongly about it, then I guess he should have told his parents the truth and not acted like a stubborn child about it. Sure enough, Matt says that, if left to his own devices, he "would've kept lying to [the CamRents] for the rest of [his] life!" What an honest and God-fearing young man the CamRents raised! They decide to chalk this up to Matt and PC being "young and crazy" because they like Matt and PC. When Mary does things that are young and crazy, they chalk that up to her being evil and bad and wrong and send her to Buffalo. Matt says that he and his wife are tired, and Annie offers them the garage apartment. "I fixed it all up…in case somebody needed it!" she says, punctuating the statement with a double fist-pump and her trademark rictus. RevCam has a crazy idea of his own: how about Matt and PC don't tell anyone that they're in town and walk in the church and surprise everyone with their presence, and also detract from the attention the bride and groom should be getting on their special day. "Perfect!" PC rasps. She and Matt leave the house, and RevCam stares off into space for a while.

He flashes back to scene that is illegal fun for the whole family: the time when Mary asked Matt for make-out tips and begged him to kiss her. They would have kissed, too, if RevCam hadn't come outside to take out the trash and interrupted them. The Guitar of Flowers in the Attic plays us back to the present as Annie brings RevCam out of his flashback mode by saying she knows he's thinking about the time when Matt and Mary almost made out. For her to be so on point with that guess, I'm thinking that she catches RevCam thinking about that a lot. Me, I would have found a way to block that out of my mind by now. But the Camdens like to cherish these precious incest moments. "Maybe that's where she took a left turn," RevCam muses; "I always thought it was trashing the gym, but you know, her troubles are really more about the opposite sex." Yes, well, when that member of the opposite sex is your brother, then I can see how you'd turn out a little weird. "Mary's just Mary," Annie says. I'd like to think she was saying "Mary's just merry," as in Mary is really happy with life now that she is out of the Camden Clutches. RevCam keeps talking shit about Mary until Annie reminds him that they're about to be grandparents of a half-Jew, so maybe they should try to be happy about that. She hugs him with a big ol' grin on her face. She's been taking some serious uppers since I stopped watching this show.

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