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And Thank You

We cut to Lucy putting on a string of pearls, too, and hugging Rose in gratitude. Rose tells Lucy that she looks "very pretty," and Lucy thanks her for saying that, because she will accept her compliments even though she won't accept her as a sister-in-law. Then Rose accidentally uses Umberto's name instead of Simon's, and Lucy files that one away for future talking behind Rose's back. Lucy tells Rose not to worry about what her mother said; Rose's dress is beautiful. "People who are critical of others are usually even more critical of themselves," Lucy says; "maybe [your mother] just feels like she should've been there for you." Way to dump on Rose's mother there, you stupid bitch. But Rose takes it all in stride, even when Lucy tells her that Simon's been having doubts about marrying her all day. I hate you, Lucy.

Rose has put her hair up after all when Annie comes by to see her. Annie's wearing her bestest housecoat for the occasion and is high as a freaking kite already. "You look stunning. Like the cover of a magazine!" Annie says. She doesn't say which magazine, however. Rose is still uncertain about her hairstyle, but Annie tells her that she looks pretty either way. Rose tells Annie that she's really happy that they've gotten to become friends. "You really seem to like me!" Rose says, as if this were a good thing. "I think you like me more than my mother likes me." Annie says she loves Rose, and so does Rose's mother. Are we ever going to get to meet this woman? Because she sounds awesome. Rose doesn't know if Simon loves her, though. Rose doesn't seem to think that anyone loves her. She needs to get over that. Annie says that Simon does love Rose. But she doesn't have an answer when Rose asks if Simon wants to actually marry her.

RevCam is managing to get his reverend robes on without veering off into another flashback involving his children making out with each other. His moment of solitude is interrupted by that gross Umberto guy, who mistook RevCam for Simon from behind because Umberto is a total moron. RevCam invites him in for a chat, saying he knows that Umberto is still in love with Rose, so he's sure this wedding will be difficult for him to watch. He asks Umberto if he's looking for Simon to talk him out of marrying Rose. Umberto says he was going to, but if RevCam thinks he shouldn't, then he won't. Or maybe he will. Meanwhile, RevCam is seated in front of that ugly-ass fake stained glass window of his, and I am so glad we got to see that one more time before this series ended. Is it too much to hope for a glimpse of the Lame Clear Phone as well? Umberto says that he loves Rose and wants to marry her and always has except for that one time when they were actually engaged and then he dumped her so he could be with other girls. But now she's going to marry someone else, so he wants her back. What an asshole. RevCam tells him that who Rose gets married to is still anyone's guess, and Umberto says that he wants Rose and loves her and thinks she feels that way about him.

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