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And Thank You

RevCam tells Umberto about how all Camden men's wedding rings are engraved with "you bring out the best in me." Umberto nods solemnly as if this were important or at all interesting, and RevCam continues that he doesn't think Rose and Simon bring out that best in each other. Umberto says that he brings out the best in Rose, as he got her to be nice to Annie and stuff like that. Without Umberto, Rose is a total bitch. What a prize she must be to her two potential husbands. RevCam realizes that he's being a shitty father to his son, not to mention a terrible minister and wedding officiant, and decides not to say anything else. But Umberto begs him to tell him to try to stop the wedding, like, make up your own mind, Umberto. I mean, can't SOMEONE on this show just make up his own fucking mind? Do we really have to spend an entire hour watching people try to decide something? RevCam looks troubled as we go to commercial. Maybe Stephen Collins thinking about all those crappy TV movies he'll be starring in once this show is finally over.

Back from break, Umberto has managed to pry himself off RevCam's bench and leave the office. Annie comes in as RevCam's staring at a picture of his son that he probably got from Heather, keeper of the Camden memorabilia. Annie says everyone is ready for the wedding. Everyone except RevCam, who wants to talk to Simon. Annie tells him that it's too late and he'll have to let whatever happens, happen. But RevCam still needs a few minutes with which to fantasize about how the wedding could go:

With dark circles under his eyes that show us what a toll being on this show for ten years has taken on him, RevCam starts doing the vows part of the ceremony. When Simon gets to the part about death parting him and his new wife, he starts reconsidering his options. "Death?" he says. "Yeah," RevCam answers, looking like he knows all too well what a promise that is, as Annie has proven to be amazingly hearty so he'll be spending is remaining miserable years with her. "'Til death do us part -- I don't think so!" Simon whispers to Rose, who just tells him that people are waiting, like the audience's comfort and patience is of the utmost concern right now. Rose says that if Simon tries to leave her before one of them dies, she'll kill him herself. "I can't do this. I'm sorry," Simon says as the Violins of Wedding Disaster start up.

Back in "reality," Annie says that she could see Rose backing out before she could see Simon doing it. But she's sure that Rose will do that right thing, too. And now we enter Annie's fantasy.

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